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Abdelfattah Abusrour

Alrowwad Cultural and Theatre Training Center
Organisation Description: 

Alrowwad, initiator of "Beautiful Resistance" philosophy, using performing and visual arts, education and culture as means of build bridges of exchange, build peace within individuals, save lives and inspire hope. Respect of human rights and values.

Good Practice: 

It is an exchange program of creating a Palestinian Play and a French play by 2 troops: French and Palestinian. Each then have the text of the other troop and do the production of the 2 plays. A festival is organized in Palestine with the French troop visiting and vice versa, in France where both troops present their 2 plays. The discussion later on about the common and differences between the vision for each play among both goes towards also knowing better, enhance dialogue and cultural exchange, and build bridges of understanding among the young participants and audiances in both countries. Through this we introduce the importance of arts as tool of non-violent resistance to oppression ad dictatorship and building peace within individual

Project Idea: 

Mobile Beautiful Resistance with Play bus program, using games conceived by children and teachers and manufactured later on for educational purposes to make education fun.Touring in schools and kindergartens and public spaces to play with children, practice these games which could help build team spirit, and cooperation, concentration, conflict resolution and other problem solving possibilities. It includes also an element of creative design for new games, as well as clowning and storytelling, photography and video as well as simple cartoon films animation techniques.