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Andalus Institute for Tolerance and anti-Violence Studies

National Network: 
24 Hussien Hegazy st.off El kaser Elini st. third floor flat number 16
(202) 279 438 97
Telephone (other): 
(202) 279 432 98
97 438 279 (202) - 98 432 279
Mobile Phone: 
Mobile Phone (other): 
Organisation Type: 
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

1-The organization contains four centre units which are :
- Observing and research unit.
- Training Unit
- Public and International Relations Unit
- Technical Support and Documentation Unit
The stuff number of the organization is 30 employee.
3-The National Endowment for Democracy- United States Agency for International Development-American Embassy.
4- andalus institute is organizing many trainings and seminars to students and journalists about spreading human rights concepts and researches about the journalism role in build up the concepts of human rights also andalus organize trainings to students about the parliament and his role in society .
5-United Group- Group for democratic development- Human rights association for assistance to the prisoners-Forum for development and human rights dialog - Arab penal reform organization

Mission and Objectives: 

- Disseminating the culture of tolerance.
-Confronting cultural, racial, sex based.
-Promoting democracy, the one and only fertile soil for tolerance to flourish.
– Confronting discrimination against handicapped people.
Enhancing awareness for youth about the concepts of human rights.
Target Strata Young people from 15 to 35 years old.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Andalus has four main projects, the first project is "Eye on journalism" it's about monitoring Egyptian newspapers in issues like human rights, tolerance, violation, etc. and how the newspapers deal with these issues, the work of this project is depending on Universal declaration of HR, all international conventions and documents.
Second project is on line radio it's a broadcast on the internet aimed to spreading the values of human rights& tolerance among youth by several& variety programs presented also by youth.
The third project is "Model of democratic parliament" it's a simulation model on the real Egyptian parliament this activity aimed to increasing awareness to the students in the universities towards the importance of the parliament and it's procedures. The fourth project is "you man rights" it's international training on human rights aimed to create a guide book on teaching human rights for youth.