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Arthropology llc

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Calle Caballeros 18-2
46001 Valencia Valencia
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Private Company
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General Information: 

Arthropology is a private, self funded collective of international artists focused on Journeys of necessity. From West african migrants to Syrian refugees we partner with NGOs like Greenpeace and the Red Cross to create installations detailing the why's and who's behind human migrations. Our first project SENEGAL:Econimic migration was shown on three continents in 2012. The number of members has now grown to 6 with the addition of four filmmaking professionals including Mike Jackson at Paramount studios LA and Fady Farran cinematographer in Beirut. We are experimenting with film and have a feature film in the works alopng with an installation featuring DISPLACED CREATIVES.

Mission and Objectives: 

The intention of our group is to promote awareness to under reported segments of society and the difficulties they are experiencing. Using art to transend the 'media clip' or 'sound bite' mentality of todays busy world creates space for reflection and interaction from which empathy can begin to grow. We pride ourselves in being submersed in whatever it is we are researching often spending many months living among those we are studing.

Our mission is best stated by Bill Moyers when he said "Our very lives depend on the ethics of strangers, and most of us are always strangers to other people."

Main Projects / Activities: 

The Book of Journeys is an ongoing series of travel narratives, short stories and images detailing our installation work. The work is the blanket under which most of Arthrpology's pieces are created. Our  Senegal project was begun in Dakar and we folloed migrants to North Africa then the Spanish enclaves and finally to Europe, it took one year.

The last two years have been devoted to a series of both non fiction and fictional pieces on Syria and the civil war there. Some of these works include a feature film script, a novel and an installation. 

We are also beginning to look towards central Africa for our next work on WATER.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Since our practice is one of collaboration we are always sharing ideas and knowledge with artists we are in contact with. Our current project has the potential to aid newly arriving artists from the Middle East by highlighting their experiences and giving them exposure they would not find in their countries of origin. If we are to make our art our voice the louder that voice can project the greater its affect on our societies.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

As our premise is always to break down walls we constantly are seeking new intellectual dialogs to engage ourselves in, being a member of ALF we believe would only aid us in making that happen for both creatives and 'others' in our society.