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Comité Européen de Coordination

National Network: 
Chaussée de Boondael ; 6 bte 14
Mobile Phone (other): 
(+32) 496.364.408
Organisation Type: 
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

1. The team of the CEC is composed of a voluntary president, of a director full time, in charge of project and a secretary half-time. The partners of the CEC are 13 resulting from 7 Member States from the European Union.
2. In 2005: 162.204,73 €
3. Contributions of the members, subsidies European, national and regional
4. Projects, seminars, exchanges between partners, European day before
5. ONG and local public authorities

Mission and Objectives: 

The purpose of association is:
- the development of a European partnership enters of the organizations having for mission, in particular at the regional level, the social and professional integration, the fight against exclusion and the handicap, the equal opportunity, the formation education throughout the life and the durable development;
- the development with European integration;
- promotion and diffusion good practices;
- the promotion of information and the formation more particularly within the framework of the objectives defined by the European Union;
- the promotion of the formation continues near the various partners of the CEC.

Main Projects / Activities: 

The CEC is an organization with the service of its partners ensuring the coordination of the projects worked out by the partners, giving relevant information on the initiatives of the U.E., supporting trainee, trainer, experience sharing whom the partners wish to develop. The CEC is the permanent instrument of council and evaluation of the European initiatives taken by the partners on the level of their area. The CEC develops common work, with participation of several of its partners (e.g. regulation of the fight against exclusion, reflexion on the third sector, European integration, equal opportunity, non-discrimination...).