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National Network: 
Sundbybergsvägen 1
17173 Solna
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Dialogslussen is an intercultural dialogue organization that was formed to achieve greater mutual understanding and acceptance, cohesion and integration in our diverse society. It is important that ourselves in the Dialogslussen are role models and accept each other's diversity and differences. In this way we support and contribute continuously to the understanding of how a well-functioning multicultural society can be achieved.

Structure of the organizations:

Director, Co-director and board members

Source of funding:

Funding from Sensus, members and companies who are interested in our projects.


Mission and Objectives: 

• Mutual understanding between different cultures in Sweden

• Creating a framework for mutual tolerance in Swedish society by actively working on the intellectual level

• Through the establishment of dialogue and close cooperation with the media, voluntary organizations, public institutions want Dialogslussen spread awareness of the different cultures. By doing this, we want to work against prejudice in society

• Dialogslussen want to play an active role in the integration of non-ethnic Swedes in Sweden


Main Projects / Activities: 

You are my Role Model: The lecture series, "You are my role model" seeks Dialogueslussen to inspire, encourage and guide young people to strive and work towards success. Participants will be challenged to think differently about their prospects, both in terms of educational and career options available to them and in terms of the levels of achievement that they can aim for the selected area.

Academic meeting: The purpose of these meetings is to interest our members with relevant academic issues concerning integration, training, diversity, social media, discrimination, etc. The goal of the lecture series is for participants to get a new aspect, as well as more in-depth knowledge in the chosen discourse.

Dialogue dinner: The goal of the dinners is to establish a long-term dialogue involving all sections of society and to explore ways for peaceful coexistence, empathic acceptance, integrity and at the same time, you learn from each other to confront prejudice in society. From this goal, we will arrange Dialogue dinners in different locations.