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Skolgatan 2 -
753 12 Uppsala
+46 (0)18 56 81 00
+46 (0)18 56 81 01
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Individual Person
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General Information: 

Founded in 1246, Katedralskolan is one of Swedens oldest educational institutions. The key word for the school is meetings, in several ways.

First and foremost, when studying here you get to meet a good education. You meet people in your own age, skilled teachers and others who every day wants you to develop. 

Katedralskolan challenges your creativity, your intellect and your opinions. 

Mission and Objectives: 

The schools main objective is to spread knowledge and create conditions to allow the students to develop their skills. The education will promote the students development towards responsible human beings who actively take part in, and develop, society.


The students will also be able to navigate themselves in a complex reality with a large flow of information and swift change. Their ability to find, dedicate and apply new knowledge will therefore be important. The students will train themselves to think critically, examine facts and relations and realize the effects of different alternatives. This way the students reach a scientific way of thinking and working.

Main Projects / Activities: