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Koç University

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RumeliFeneri Yolu Uzeri Sariyer
34450 Istanbul
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General Information: 

Koç University is a non-profit foundation university in Istanbul, Turkey. Since its establishment, Koç University (KU) has become one of the leading universities in Turkey, distinguished by notable contributions to the elevation of education, research, knowledge and service both domestically and beyond. KU has more than 400 faculty members and 6.500 students in total. While KU is very active in European projects such as Erasmus+, ERC, Horizon2020, the university has also established close ties with many institutions from abroad through exchange programs, seminars,projects. 

Office of International Programs (OIP) was established in 2010 as a hub to support the internationalization efforts of Koc University. In favor of Koç University's internationalization efforts, the OIP serves as the primary resource for reaching out to prestigious global partners and quality students, facilitating international academic and research initiatives and raising the global presence and prestige of Koc University. The OIP creates diverse global learning opportunities that encourage intellectual and intercultural development through new knowledge, new perspectives, engaging difference, and self-reflection.

OIP serves the University in the areas of International Partnership Development, Exchange Programs, Summer and Special programs, International Service Learning programs, Global Engagement Certificate program, Innovative International Learning experiences and International Community programs. These efforts provide cutting edge opportunities for the development of internationalized services and opportunities, global engagement, and research.

Mission and Objectives: 


In an interdependent world, OIP believes that it is important for students, faculty and staff to have the opportunity to become personally and intellectually familiar with the people, ideas and customs of other nations. Such interaction not only promotes a universal viewpoint and intellectual growth, but it also adds to the cultural and economic well-being of the university and the country.


OIP exists to facilitate the internationalization of KU along with its stakeholders through providing learning experiences by integrating knowledge, innovation and research so as to embrace the future from a global perspective.

OIP is committed to Koc University's vision of becoming the leading research university for international education. OIP contributes to a multicultural campus and international education experiences that are innovative, collaborative, and accessible to our colleagues, partners, and the student body.

Core Values

  • Being one of the major contributors of fostering critical thought and responsible global citizenship
  • Encouraging students to step beyond the safety of what they already know
  • Being an agent of what international students and scholars bring to the University’s learning environment
  • Supporting education in all forms; growth experiences; students learning from students; personal development; transformation
  • Valuing intercultural awareness and communication, diversity and respect for other people and cultures
Main Projects / Activities: 

OIP manages grants of various projects such as Erasmus KA103 and KA107. One of the major goals for OIP is to expand its sphere of influence in Turkey though joint projects on service learning, social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, gender empowerement, conflict resolution, migration, etc. 

"Peacemakers" is the pioneering project of OIP as it has been focusing on conflict resolution with invited young leaders from various countries for the last 4 years. More information can be found here:https://oip.ku.edu.tr/?q=peacemakers-2016 

OIP also has been organizing short-term summer programs on migration and urban political ecology for undergraduate, graduate students as well as young leaders. The nature of these programs allow OIP to collaborate with several NGOs and Civil Society organizations. More information can be found here: https://oip.ku.edu.tr/?q=thematic-programs-all-students 

Service learning is one of the maim areas that OIP has been focusing on since its establishment. KU Globalaid program allows students to take active role and training in various regions in the world (i.e. Mumbai, Zimbabwe) for a month in every summer. https://oip.ku.edu.tr/?q=ku-global-aid 

We would like to expand these project with partners.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

We are looking for partners to increase the impact of our projects and we're also looking forward to partner with various institutions to form new projects in service learning, peacemaking, conflict resolution, social entrepreneurship, etc.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

As an international office, we are serving both international and domestic students. Our efforts and programs are tailored to facilitating the integration of these young groups. Our work play an important role in the development of young leaders and we'd like to expand our impact through key partnerships.