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مركز وطن لتنمية القدرات الشبابية

National Network: 
قطاع غزة
00972 شارع صلاح الدين مقابل مدخل النصيرات
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Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Watan Centre is an independent Palestinian institution that aims to participate at the process of  building the capacity of youth through designing and implementing different projects, programs and initiatives in Palestine. Watan Centers efforts will help youth to convey their issues and problems      to the community, specially decision makers.

Mission and Objectives: 

1- We provide unique services, in quality and quantity, to serve youth from different ages ad categories.
2- We adopt voluntary work policy and relying on elites in the Palestinian community.
3- We care about absolute transparency and encourage equal opportunities principle.
4- We promote networking with local and international NGOs.
5- We operate in different geographic areas in all of the Gaza Strip.
1- Create job opportunities for youth, males and females, from those who our policies  apply to them.

2- Establish an interconnected information network interested in youth issues and connect it with the world.
3-  Launch integrated information network to talk about the suffering of youth and their issues, in addition to prepare a periodical containing studies and reports about the suffering of  youth in Gaza in order to find ways to help and access to those interested .
4-  Launch the first electronic radio in Palestine that is specialized with women's issues and broadcasted online to be linked easily to the outside world and develop it in the future to be an integrated media agency .
5-  Communicate with youth around the world and conduct meetings and interviews about their suffering and creativity in order to create an integrated connection between the inside and abroad.
6-  Make an access to the outside world, through preparing documentaries about youth issues and their success stories.
7-  Focus on children, women and other marginalized groups in society and highlight the most important issues and problems faced by these groups.
8-  Prepare statistics, media studies, annual and periodic reports related to the various categories of society, these can include reports on the number of graduates and unemployment in the Palestinian society and the income level for Palestinian women under Israeli siege.
9-  Constant communication with local and international institutions and various media centres to exchange information and experiences and to provide logistical support to these institutions through a permanent and continuous coverage to the most important events.
10- Accept gifts and donations in cash and kind: benefit from gifts and donations in kind and cash , which are donated by organizations or individuals to serve beneficiaries and improve their living and environmental conditions and beside develop the centre and achieve its  goals and objectives .

Main Projects / Activities: 

- Watan Studios for art.
- Watan art band.
- Watan for IT( designing ad programing website)
-Hawa online Radio www.hawwaonline.com (first online radio speaking on behalf of women)

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Through the provision of technical cooperation and financial support for the development of projects and activities

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

You are a global organization with presence in the Arab world and I am honored to join you so that you gain experience and be our mutual joint cooperation