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The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (VLJI)

National Network: 
POB 4070
91040 Jerusalem
009722 5605204
Telephone (other): 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute is divided into four umbrellas: interdisciplinary research; civil society; Mediterranean culture and society; Jewish culture and identity.

There are 26 full-time and 46 part-time employees and the annual budget is $4.8 million.

80% granted by the Van Leer Group Foundation; the rest through grant applications.

Activities include public lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, international conferences; dialogue and encounters; research groups; teacher training; youth leadership training; publications (books/policy papers/journals/curricula).

Main partners include universities, research institutes, and, where relevant, other NPOs and NGOs.

Mission and Objectives: 

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute was founded 1959 and is based on the vision of Israel as both a homeland for the Jewish people and a democratic society predicated on justice, fairness and equality for all its residents.

The Institute's work today, as a leading intellectual center for the interdisciplinary study and discussion of issues related to philosophy, society, culture and education, is designed to enhance ethnic and cultural understanding, ameliorate social tensions, empower civil society players and promote democratic values.

The Institute pursues its mandate by employing different methodologies: academic research, public policy analysis, advocacy and civil society projects.

Main Projects / Activities: 

- To advance cultural and intellectual Mediterranean regional co-operation and Israeli-Palestinian dialogue through, enriching civil society in Israel and regionally.

- To promote fruitful debate on improving the education system, and to initiate and implement educational programs in Israel’s public school system to promote democratic values and human rights in Israel’s culturally diverse society. These activities are run within the Center for Tolerance Education (CTE)

- To conduct interdisciplinary research projects in the social sciences and the humanities through multi-year study groups, workshops and international conferences, and the production of policy papers, academic journals and books.

- To enrich contemporary Jewish thought through research, cultural programs and dialogue projects which focus on mediating between tradition and modernity.