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The Polish ALF is partner in three international projects

The Polish ALF Network is currently participating in three international projects that have been awarded by the Anna Lindh Foundation: “Intercultural cities”, co-ordinated by the Slovenian Head of Network, which addresses challenges related to intercultural dialogue at regional and sub-regional level, especially through interculturalism of urban areas; “Networks for Intercultural Citizenship Education”, co-ordinated by the Finnish Head of Network, which is concerned with intercultural citizenship education and consists of a regional forum and specialist training; and “BE Effective! Enhancing Intercultural Dialogue Media Skills in Central and Eastern Europe”, co-ordinated by the Czech Head of Network, which wishes to develop media and communication skills and capacities through a series of trainings in graphic design / video production with the objective of using them to counter xenophobia and all forms of discrimination.

It is expected that over 30 network members from Poland will be directly involved in these projects over the period July–September 2017.

The main events organised within the framework of the above-listed projects are:
27–28 July, Krakow – specialist workshop dedicated to graphic design / video production
26–31 August, Helsinki – regional forum and intercultural training
3–6 September, Ljubljana – forum on intercultural cities
8–11 September, Olomouc – learning and sharing meeting