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Carrying a ‘Peace Bag’ across the Euro-Med

Carrying a ‘Peace Bag’ across the Euro-Med

What is peace? How to define it? These sound like pretty easy questions but in fact they’re not, or at least that’s what people with experience in the field found out!

“As any average person, for me peace used to be absence of war, but I was mistaken. I learnt that peace is way more than that,” said 30-year-old Mostafa Assir, who took part in the peace education project ‘Peace Bag for EuroMed Youth’.

“It is about tolerance and respecting our differences,” said Mostafa, who is a volunteer with the Egyptian Development No Borders community, which is one of the partners in the peace bag project. He added: “The concept of variation and diversity is a human nature and it’s in the heart of understanding what peace is really about.”

The Peace Bag is a long-term project of the Anna Lindh Foundation, coordinated by the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, in partnership with 17 youth organisations from 14 countries,  aiming to support peace education among youth in the Euro Mediterranean.

“Peace Bag is a result of hard working teams across the region who gathered in hope to get the notion of peace across to others,” said Meghann Villanueva, the coordinator of the Peace Bag project and one of the founders, adding: “Peace shouldn’t be seen on its own, because it comes in the same bag with respect for others, development and diversity.”

The project, which started in 2010 and has brought together young people from across the Euro Mediterranean region, has produced a toolkit for peace education. The Peace bag Toolkit provides working tools, methods, good practices, samples of activities, training tips, basic information and experiences from the field, in more than 10 languages.

For more info about the project, kindly visit: http://peacebag.org/