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A Citizen Exchange Actor bridging the Mediterranean

A Citizen Exchange Actor bridging the Mediterranean

When young Egyptian social and youth activist, Haitham Samy, applied for the Citizen Exchange of the DAWRAK Programme he had no idea this could be a life-changing experience for him. Yet, a year after the exchange he shares the experience with us.

“The exchange programme was like a milestone in building credibility and confidence among the citizens of both countries,” said Haitham, in his early thirties, who did his exchange in the Hellenic Association of Informatics (HAI) in Athens, Greece. “It was an opportunity for everyone to see new aspects of cooperation between south and north of the Mediterranean.”

Haitham has taken part as a Citizen Exchange Actor for 3 months (February – April 2013) in the first call of the Citizen Exchange Program (CEP) of DAWRAK – Citizens for Dialogue. He is a member of the Tourist Friends’ Association – TFA and ex-board member of the Sustainable Development Association – SDA. His exchange included job shadowing and participating in all of the events and activities of the hosting organisation. “The counterpart association gave me the opportunity to participate also in other different programmes that I wouldn’t have been able to join, such as an exchange with Balkan countries. This experience added a lot to my cultural background and enhanced my understanding for diversity,” he added.
During his exchange, Haitham successfully managed to conduct fruitful meetings with several NGOs and youth movements in Greece, resulted in a number of partnerships on youth development initiatives planned for 2014.

The Alexandrian young activist, Haitham, describes his experience in the exchange saying: “A unique experience that I will never forget. It helped me to improve my skills on different aspects on the social, personal and career level .. I strongly recommend it,” he stated confidently.