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Albanian Society in Development

National Network: 
Kashar, Tirana, Albani
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

ASD Albania is an NGO funded in 2000 from a group of youth activists.  We have been working under Youth in Action program and now Erasmus Plus which is our main source of funding. The last 2 years we had e reconstruction of all our strucures. In this moment ASD Albania works with well defined structures. We have 5 Board members that are elected from 3/5 of the total number of members. The Board elects the Executive director and Secretary. Part of the staff is a Book keeper, Ornela Nela and an IT Alketa Guxha. Right now we have a total of 200 active volunteers. There are mainly high schoolers and students. Only in the las projects more than 50 medicine students were involved in the project. An important part of our volunteers are young people from rural areas that we try to make active part of civil society . There are Project managers as well as Trainers that collaborate with us and have a successful background of cooperation with ASD Albania. An valuable asset are the High School students that have been proposing interesting ideas about projects regarding art and sport. Healthy lifestyle and promoting projects especially about women health are the medicine students that have been ready to take part in voluntary projects. Youth Exchanges, Training Courses, Study visits, Workshops are some of our activities. We have also national projects going on like WomenVSBreastCancer. Some of the NGO we have been collaborating are :

Mission and Objectives: 

The aims and purposes of ASD Albania are to develop the civil society in Albania; make awareness to maintain human, national, democratic and cultural values. Promote human rights giving special emphasis to youth and children. Encourage youth participation in decision making processes and in local and regional life. Cooperate and coordinate the activity with international organizations with similar nature on local and center levels, which take part or propose national and international projects in the field of human rights and freedom. Stimulate the gender equality (sensibilization of the society for the role of everyone in the society, empowering of the individuals rights in particular, the questions of minority group, social inclusions and woman rights are issues that we are keenly aware of, and seek to promote in our work.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Some of our recent  activities are:

YE 'Recycle with creativity' Serbia, YE 'Celebrate the difference' Germany, TC 'Cane Village' Spain, TC' We are not victim of modern Technology' Slovakia, 'Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Lifestyle ' Rumania, Our Common Heritage;Traditional Clothes' Turkey, Youth voice' Turkey, TC'ICL-it' Georgia, 'Seminar Youth in Migration' Malta, 'Youth and NFE' Albania, 'Youth on the Radio' UK, Peace Building Initiatives in Georgia etc. Last year we have also realized WomenvsBreastCancer, a national  campaign aiming women empowerment. Earlier in time we have organized Study visits, Meetings with local authorithies, Establishing of a community center in collaboration with 'Association for Youth Socio-Cultural Development' for rural youth, Vocational training for unemployed rural youth, EVS projects etc.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

ASD Albania was funded in 2000. We have a rich background of projects in Human rights, Youth projects etc. Within Youth in Action and now Erasmus + we have realized several activities. We have served as Contact point for Youth in Action from 2006-2009 and had different accreditations. Right now, after the reorganization of our structures we have started working with the same enthusiasm as before, Volunteering is being accepted widely in Albania so it is easy to find volunteer that make true all project ideas or even give new ideas. Being part of ALF would be a great opportunity to share all our experience and also learn from others. I think that the mos important are to let people know about it. It is important to have a register of Albanian NGO that are working within the field of mutual cooperation and one of our contributes can be by promoting ALF to them.. Promoting your projects as well as contributing in new ones is of mutual benefit. We share the same values as ALF does and therefore promoting ALF is also promoting our shared values. If NGO or individuals unite and try to make wide cooperation’s by sharing their best practices, we can be more able to succeed in our projects within our countries and in the same tine in our region as a whole. ASD right now has more than 200 volunteers and has demonstrated during her existence with all the successful projects that can be reliable and worthy to work with. We really hope that our application will be considered appropriate for ALF

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

We as an organization would appreciate very much the possibility to be part of the network; the idea of being part of a common space for NGO across Mediterranean is very attractive. It looks as a great way to get to know NGO working within the Region. Civil Society is facing almost the same struggles in all our countries so it is very important to share our work with each other. This network offers the possibility to get in touch with NGO with the same profile and can give links for future cooperation.  I have been collaborating with some NGO that are already part of ALF; this was the way how we found out about it. They all recommended this network since for them has resulted very useful. ASD Albania is going to launch several peace building capacities projects for which we need NGO partners especially from Balkans. It is not easy to find reliable partners but within this network is much more easy to find them. Reading about ALF has strengthened our aim to join it since we have realised to share same values. Bringing people together, as well as respecting each other cultures or differencies is a fundamental part of our work. Human rights and fighting against any kind of discremination its what our projects aim. From experience we now that taking advices from people doing the same as you do and especially with ones who share the same environment and problems can be much more productive than working alone. The network unite NGO, Civil Society and people together and being part of it can only bring positive results.