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The Arabic Association for Cultural Exchange (AACE)

National Network: 
18, Rue Gritt, L-6185 Gonderane, Luxembourg
L-6185 Gonderange
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General Information: 

The Arabic Association for Cultural Exchange (AACE) has an inspiring program that it called ‘101 Arabian Nights’ that offers musical, film, literary and artistic exhibitions and concerts for the promotion of culture and arts as a language of dialogue between nations and people. The program celebrates original art creations of the most celebrated ambassadors of Arabic art and culture. The founders of the Association have strong aspirations to expand the program to include this diverse, multi-cultural mosaic of Luxembourg. The Association grants its Ambassadors a certificate to honour their significant and outstanding role in the enrichment and enhancement of Arab culture across the world.

Mission and Objectives: 

The main mission of the Association is to create an archive of Arabic audio-visual creations that constitute an important share of human heritage. The Association aims to offer a platform for independent artists to share their creations in an environment free from market demands, and economic pressures. AACE wishes to reinforce the message of peace that has been extended over the years through the Arabic culture. The Association has been founded by a group of artists who believe that art is the tool to achieve harmony and growth within this mélange of linguistic and artistic backgrounds. The Arabic Association invites pioneers to perform and offer their original creations through its program ‘101 Arabian Nights’. The program is sponsored by the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte (mateneen call for projects). The Association has been endowed a per annum sum estimated to be € 160,000

Renee Aakrann (economic advisor)
Pina Delvaux (artist)
Nizar Al Rawi (President, art critic, and film producer)
Bob Krieps (First government advisor)
Paul Thiltges (audio-visual producer)
Fari Khabirpur (psychologist-psychotherapist)
Team members:
Tarek Al Nabhan – project coordinator
Nisreen Basmaji – Certificate of English literature, and English teacher
Samah Abdel-Geleel – Media and PR Officer

Main Projects / Activities: 

The Association is an organization dedicated to creating positive and inclusive cultural collaborations among citizens of Luxembourg. AACE propagates coexistence, tolerance and inclusion through art and culture.  The Association, through its program ‘101 Arabian Nights’, offers concerts, exhibitions, music shows, and film screenings to showcase the grandeur of Arabic art. and how it can bring people together. These artistic and cultural creations show the world that our strength comes from our uniqueness and individuality. The Association offers its cultural nights to create a fertile base that brings Arab communities in Europe closer to members of other cultures, and art enthusiasts. 

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Luxembourg is a migrant population with, foreigners coming from 170 nationalities. The multitude of cultures is exhilarating and overwhelming. It is the role of the Arabic Association to open up doors to the uniqueness and richness of Arab cultures to this uniquely diverse population. Culture defines each society, and if put to adequate use, culture can help us improve how we interact, make decisions and plan for a future that binds us further together. Culture in Luxembourg brings people to play different parts in the same event, they can be artists, audience, volunteers, or investors. Art and culture in Luxembourg can help people overcome barriers, and create bonds that are beneficial both on the personal, as well as on the societal levels. Culture is a catalyst for celebrating and self-esteem, and preserving one’s identity, thus enhancing the unique diversity of the social composition of Luxembourg.  

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

When creating the Arabic Association for Cultural Exchange, founding members shared the ambition of expanding its activities beyond the borders of Luxembourg. They wished to develop partnerships with well-established cultural and artistic networks in, and out of Europe. Pairing with like-minded organizations globally allows us a chance to confirm, through cultural and artistic events, that the love of art transcends all linguistic, cultural, and political barriers. Adding an international dimension to the Association through partnership with the Anna Lindh Foundation, will help us spread the uniqueness of Arabic art, and embrace other cultures as our own. It is our aim to exchange our world-class quality of art, in a well-established global artistic environment. Exchange of artists, and a multitude of art creations is a dream come true. It will help the Arabic Association, as well as the Foundation to mainstream the consciousness and the diversity of the public everywhere.