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National Network: 
C/Don Aceras nº 23
29012 Malaga Spain
(+34) 952300500
(+34) 952 104 661
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Arrabal-AID is a No Profit social-oriented Spanish NGO, located in the city of Málaga.

Since 2013, Arrabal-AID act as a Employment Center, with more of 50 employees.

Budgetary resources in a year are approximately 1.000.000 of euro.

Our main sources of funding are public (local, regional, national and european level), and private (foundations, banks, etc.)

The projects are divided in different lines of action: employment services projects for people at risk of social exclusion (workshops, seminars, job demand and offer); international and voluntareer projects for young people (youth exchanges, trainings, EVS program, internships, etc.) 

Key partners involved in the activities and projects are: Municipality of Malaga,  Ministry of Health,  Regional Council of Andalusia, Andalusia Embark Foundation, Chamber of Commerce, Bank foundation "la Caixa", TPFE..

Mission and Objectives: 

Arrabal-AID organization was founded in 1992. Since then, its main purposes have been: labour insertion, job guidance, specific job trainings, European mobility, the promotion of European Voluntary Service, the entrepreneurial culture and the fostering of citizens’ participation.

In cooperation with the Government and with private and social organizations, our organisation sets projects and programmes that foster the social integration of categories at risk of social exclusion and the insertion of unemployed people in the labour market.

Arrabal-AID also develops measures to support the social integration of third grade prisoners and probationers, ‘Accompanying Insertion’. Moreover, to facilitate personal autonomy and the access to the labour market, we also provide Arrabal-AID’s users with workshops aiming at the development of social-skills abilities, technological competences and Spanish communicative skills for foreigners.

In addition, Arrabal-AID promotes many other initiatives and programmes for socially vulnerable groups, including homeless people, victims of gender violence, prostitutes, immigrants with special difficulties, people with disabilities and youth with fewer opportunities. All of these actions are carry out in order to give them new social possibilities and new job opportunities in national and European labour market.

Main Projects / Activities: 

In the last three years, Arrabal-AID has implemented several actions with a strong impact especially in the local community:

Events and projects 2013:
- Forum Trees;
-“Desayunos con future”;
- ReINcorpora;
-“Enmarcar la Igualidad”;
- Festival “Alhaurin en Corto”;
- Emprender el Vuelo;
- Innovando en Femenino;
- Acupa-T;
- Hogar;
- Activate por la Emancipacion;
- Plaza Europa;
- Empleabilidad y Movilidad Europea;
- Buscando Formación y Empleo;
- Voluntariado en Europa;
- Incorpora Joven Andalucia;
- Igualdad para enmarcar (communication project);
- Taxi para la igualdad (communication project);
- Apruebra (communication project).
For further details: https://issuu.com/jdlo/docs/memoria_2013_arrabal-aid_1084a4112314f4

- Social Campaign “Quieres ser mi Rey Mago” and “Elige Igualdad”;
- +alladelTeatro;
- Generando Genero;
- Banco del Tiempo;
- El tiempo se muove;
- Dieta y Habitos Saludables;
- Festival “Alhaurin en Corto”;
- Feria Expoforma: Empresa y Formacion;
- Empresar de Insercion;
- RETOS2020;
- Talento Solidario.
For further details: https://issuu.com/jdlo/docs/arrabal_2014_memoria

- Hablamos de discriminacion y delitos de odio;
- Tiempos de Economia Social”;
- Social Campaign “17deOctubreRadiografia” and “Apueba!”
- 17 de octubre. El documental;
- CONVIVE Malaga;
- Aprende a Emprender;
- La Mente de le Emprendedor;
- Trasformando Ideas En Negocio;
- Nuevas formula de financiacion para proyectos de innovacion social;
- MovingEmpleo;
For further details: https://issuu.com/jdlo/docs/memoria_2015_borrador

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Arrabal-AID will be able to strengthen the Spanish network and collaborate with other partners in future actions, in order to achieve ALF common goals.

Moreover, we can share our past experiences and contacts in the Andalusia Region, in purpose to give the opportunity to implement projects jointly and increase local and regional impact of the actions.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

We are strongly motivated to join the ALF network. In fact, we believe our action corresponds and goes in the same direction of ALF and AIMed mission.

That means take an important opportunity to improve our work for a better condition of vulnerable people. Furthermore, to promote values of interculturality, equality, respect, tolerance and volunteerism among young people.