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Association du Dialogue InterCultulturel et Inter-Religieux (ADICR)

National Network: 
1, Rue des Bergers 75015
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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

1. It's a French NGO law of 1901 . There are 40 membres . There are 10 in the office staff and the CA.
It has a great number of network , according to the set of themes of action.
Annual ressources : contributions , mobilisation of ressources for every organised action , at least 4 per year .
3- Partners contribution : private sponsors , susbsidy request .
4- conferences , concerts , films's projection and work's publication .
5- The association trains partners for each action with other organisation and NGOs such as : UNESCO and its delegations , CMRP , and structures related to the ministries of different European and Arab countries .
6- It's creating network for the euro arab youth exchange

Mission and Objectives: 

To promote the Dialogue between people of various cultures and religions for getting better knowing each other in the aim of founding an equitable citizenship .
- To promote the cultural diversity and cultural and artistic exchange between people .
- To promote women's rights .
- to promote the tolerence and to clarify the confusions and the amalgames that prevent the easy going life together .

Main Projects / Activities: 

- conference on the cultural diversity and the equal opportunities (April 2006)
- concert for promote the dialogue through the music , songs and music (Nov. 2006)
- Projection of a film to promote the diversity ( April or June 2006 )
- publication of a book about : Religion set Democratie)
- forum for Mediterranean youth cultural , social and economic exchange (2007)