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Centro Sociocultural La Tabacalera de Lavapiés

National Network: 
C/ Embajadores, 53
28012 Madrid Madrid
+34 663421836
Mobile Phone: 
34 610464483
Organisation Type: 
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

LaTabacalera borns by a commitment between the Ministry of Culture of Spain and the people who live in the downtown Madrid.
LaTabacalera is a laboratory for social, cultural and artistic experimentation.
LaTabacalera is an experiment in progress.
LaTabacalera is a process that evolves reflecting changes in Mediterranean society and in the enviroment where it is located.
In LaTabacalera, limits are not defined and set as in other types of projects.
LaTabacalera moves along a very different line from official agencies. It works on a totally different dimension and is not at all incompatible with the officiality.
LaTabacalera is defined as a self-organised social centre, and it’s a space for art and culture.
We understand art and culture in a VERY WIDE WAY.
Activities: theatre, music, dance, painting, conferences, meetings, audiovisuals, workshops, events, neighbourhood actions…

Mission and Objectives: 

Horizontality: LaTabacalera’s activities try to foster cooperation among equals, and use a democratic way participate, organise and make decisions.

Transparency: LaTabacalera’s groups must make their decisions and actions accesible to anyone, so they can be evaluated collectively.

Free of Charge: In LaTabacalera, access to spaces and activities must be free, so that moneyis not a selection mechanism.
All of LaTabacalera’s resources are for common, public and free use. We see Time Banking and LETS schemes as a method to exchange knowledge and expertise.

Economic Sustainability: There may be some exceptional activities, always previously approved by the General Meeting, in which there may be a payment involved, in order to promote self-employment initiatives.

Co Responsibility, cooperation, compromise and proportionality: LaTabacalera promotes a philosophy of mutual support in the management and maintenance of all activities and spaces: everybody must take part in the daily management and decision making affecting the social center. It also promotes a responsible attitude in regards to energy
consumption and the environment.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Nowadays, there are 25 active groups undertaking activities in a variety of areas. They are very different in character from one another, but all of them are self-organised.

In quantitative terms, it is very difficult to evaluate how many people use the space regularly. BUT WE COULS SAY THAT AN AVERAGE OF 200 PEOPLE BY DAY ARE PASSING BY LATABACALERA TO DEVELOP ANY KIND OF ACTIVITY.

Agro-ecological consumer groups + Urban orchard
The various consumer groups based in LaTabacalera are just a few of a myriad of such groups that are creating new networks producers-consumers based on proximity and trust, far from mainstream trading circuits.

Performing arts:
Theatre, dance, circus, Visual arts, Urban art, Music, Concerts, rehearsal space for bands.

Language workshops:
Spanish, French & Arab classes.

Self-building, carpentry etc /self-reliance in furniture making, plumbing, etc.

Self-construction collective was fundamental for the rehabilitation of the building during the first year of contract.

Free legal assistance

Afro-european Workshops.
Bike repair shop.

External events.
The centre is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays. That is when external events take place, where groups non regularly involved with the centre can develop their activities.
TBK Sunday market: Crafts.
The 15-M Protest Movement’s Opera, performances of the Solfónica Orchestra.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

LaTabacalera is a vauable human power source oriented to improve the social & cultural links between east and west. Between north and south.

Over 40 different nationalities and several religions share space and projects in our concept.

We ussually collaborate with international forums and workshops to share the experience and collaborate in the development of intercultural links.

We will be happy to offer Ann Lindh non profit resources as space in Madrid for any event and people assistance aswell.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Mainly our goal is to stablish network.

Share experiences and reinforce the LaTabacalera's concept of a Mediterranean area culturally linked is also one of our aims.

Finally, learn about better ways to improve our organization in the field of NGOs and administration agencies relationship.

Additional Information: