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CE.S.I.E - Centro Studi ed Iniziative Europeo

National Network: 
Via Gorizia n°22 90133
+39091 6164224
+39091 6230849
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

1. Staff: President, Vice-President, Director, Socio-Cultural Promotion Department Manager, International Activities Department Manager, Socio-economic Development Department Manager, Financial Manager and 2 staff of the Financial Departement, Mobility responsible, 7 Project Manager, 2 Project evaluator and Adviser, 1 Pedagogical Adviser, 1 Volunteer coordinator.
2. Our source is European Commission, Fondazione per il Sud, Italian National Civil Service, University of Palermo, Council of Europe, Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures, City of Palermo, Region of Sicily, Italian Ministry of Youth and Italian Ministry of Work

Mission and Objectives: 

Mission- Actively work towards the development and growth of people, groups and organisations of people through a holistic development approach, which considers the potential of each individual.
Objectives- * Promote intercultural development
* Act as a bridge between research and the application of knowledge
* Apply reciprocal communication methods in order to consolidate peace and democracy
* Abolish all forms of discrimination thus favouring social inclusion and equal opportunities
* Promote a responsible global awareness through the application of human rights
* Develop social, cultural, economic and scientific relationships at local and international levels
* Facilitate the growth of people and organisations, with particular attention to youth, through bottom-up approaches

Main Projects / Activities: 

Socio-Cultural Promotion Department
* National Civil Service
* Intercultural Education
* Local Community Development
* European Voluntary Service
* Sending of groups to International Youth and Cultural Exchanges, Training Courses and Seminars
International Activity Department
* Implementation of Networks and Development of Partnerships
* International Cooperation and Sustainable Development projects
* Organisation of International Youth and Cultural Exchanges, Training Courses and Seminars
* International Civil Service
Socio-Economic Development Department
* Research
* Creation of Sustainable and Fair Businesses
* Professional Training