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Den Globala Skolan (The Global School)

National Network: 
Box 1413
62125 Visby
0739-23 54 84
Organisation Type: 
Local/Regional Authority
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Den Globala Skolan, The Global School, is a resource for education for global sustainability for Swedish schools and local stakeholders. We are working within the field of global education and education for sustainable development. 

In over fifteen years we have been able to offer training in education for sustainable development for staff in preschool, primary and secondary education and for student teachers, politicians, school principals and managers.


Mission and Objectives: 

The purpose of the Global School is to contribute to school improvement through

- understanding of global issues
- meeting people and cultures
- Active participants working
- knowledge and application of the success factors for school work.

Linking education for sustainable development to the goals of the curriculum and policy documents and presentation tools to achieve them is an important part of the work.

Our own overall target is that pupils in Swedish schools should have sufficient knowledge to participate in the democratic process, make informed choices and develop an ethical approach to their surroundings, so that in future they will be able to work for a sustainable world.

The operation is financed by Sida. Most of our events are free of charge.

Main Projects / Activities: 

We organize seminars and support schools in their international work.

Target groups

- Teachers all categories

- school administrators

- municipal decision makers

- Politician

- student teachers

- training coordinator

The largest of the global school seminars called "The school meets the world" and held in May each year at Sida in Stockholm. Around 300 participants, mainly educators, meet then to find out more about the latest in education for sustainable development, drawing inspiration for their own school activities and networking. The seminar is attended and always attracts renowned participants with different experience and a base. In conjunction with the school meets the world in 2016 produced UHR a film about the seminar and what Global School can contribute.