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Development Diversity Group

National Network: 
A.Vienuolio str. 8, LT-01104
LT-01104 Vilnius
00370 615 14401
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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK) is a major association and lobby group in Lithuania which represents the interests of large industrialists and employers. The Confederation in an umbrella organization uniting 51 branch and 7 regional associations which comprise over 3000 medium and large enterprises from various public and private sectors.

LPK's structure is based on principles of democracy, where president and the board are elected every 4 years. Confederation has 4 main departments (Economics and Finance, Foreign Relations, Business Social Policy, Communication) and around 20 employees.

Main sources of funding – are from administering governmental projects that are directed to educate employees and provide a sustainable growth in the job market, membership fees, income from various services to its members (such as consultations, seminars, etc.) and different funds. Yearly budget is around 4,85 mil. EUR. Main topics of the running projects are related to: education, involvement of youth, women and into the market, developing new schemes which could create new jobs and in this way to stop emigration from the country, preparation of local institutions for working with migrants from other countries.

Mission and Objectives: 
  • To create most favourable conditions for the development of economic, technical and social progress of Lithuanian enterprises regardless their form of the ownership,
  • To represent rights of the members of the Confederation and defend their interests in the governmental, social and international structures,
  • To expand markets for products and raw materials, to improve conditions of exports as well as for imports in order to enable Lithuanian industry to contribute a proper contribution to the strengthening of the national economy,
  • To represent entrepreneurs and defend their social and legal interests,
  • To make contacts between Lithuanian manufacturers and their counterparts abroad through international exhibitions and available information systems.
Main Projects / Activities: 

LPK is an active member of Lithuanian network of Anna Lindh foundation. From the beginning of our membership we actively joined common network activities of "Arab Culture Days in Lithuania", implemented ALF granted project with members of Jordanian network, during conferences and seminars shared knowledge with other members of the network. 

Besides ALF, since 1989 confederation implemented more than 100 successful projects on national and international levels. They were in fields of discrimination reduction, enhancing social dialog, improvement of common competencies, creative industries, enhancement of international cooperation with the EU Life Long Learning Program.

During the Lithuanian presidency for EU, LPK ran the Eastern partnership forum, which in hand concentrated on entrepreneurial, economical, social and cultural convergence of EU and the eastern countries.