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Dogasinda Dogum Dernegi / Inherent Birth Society

National Network: 
Taspınar Mahallesi 2908 sokak
No:27/A Golbasi
06830 Ankara
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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Inherent Birth Society (IBS) is one of the first registered NGOs that is led by women and based in Turkey.The professional team includes obstetricians, gynecologists, midwives, healthcare experts, social sciences specialists, sociologists, consultants, instructors, and committed voluntary mothers.
The main funders for the current fiscal year are Koru Hospital and Johnson & Johnson Co. The amount of the grant received from Koru Hospital is € 920 and the amount of the grant received from Johnson & Johnson Co. is € 1283.
We will potentially work together with Yüksek İhtisas University, Ministry of Health Public Health Agency of Turkey, Koru Hospital and Johnson & Jonhson Co.
We plan to provide free trainings to the pregnant women who have limited budgets and disabilities. We also wish to generalize all these training programs that promote better reproductive health conditions and justice for women not only in one city but all over the country.

Mission and Objectives: 

We, as IBS, aim to advance women’s reproductive health conditions, provide support during their prenatal and postnatal processes. First of all, we primarily believe that having the reproductive justice of a woman is one of the basic human rights. Hence, we strive for sustaining women’s reproductive justice and raise the awareness of their physical and mental capacities and strength to give birth. We, therefore, plan to work toward training programs that guarantee the necessary recognition and knowledge of women to maximize her gifted abilities. In order to flourish this atmosphere, we not only attempt to seek a support for women, we also wish to support and acknowledge her partner how to help her during the pregnancy and postpartum periods by means of these training programs/workshops. Moreover, we cooperate with the public and other institutions that share the same context with us to improve the policies and practices for women’s sexual and reproductive rights. It is crucial that this cooperation will ultimately ensure the expected structural change and necessary support to the women to challenge social, medical, political and economic barriers and stereotypes that they face during pre and postnatal periods.

Main Projects / Activities: 

We voluntarily work together as women having different social and educational backgrounds. Some of the members of our association are professionals who are obstetricians while some of us focus on midwifery, social  sciences public health, and some of us are voluntary committed mums who wish to share experiences to the other girls and women. Therefore, we have enough experience in our own professional backgrounds and we highly motivated to employ this experience to make a better touch to our sisters’s lives.
Supporting women’s right with disabilities and/or women who have limited budget is the core  passion this group. In order to ensure this goal, we technically and empirically intend to plan, develop, implement and follow-up a project upon a  “Need Recognition”  and “Case Analysis” of the whole process and the program.  A guideline will be designed according to the  needs which were established during the development of the program. The guidelines will be composed by designating the training content according to the required subjects stated at the current case analysis. At the guideline there will be prepared an instructive direction to be used before, during and the post period of the project.
Afterwards, the purpose  of the training   and the goals of the education, the content of the training, materials, methods, the measurement and the evaluation  of the training will be prepared with the all partners contributions. We are also planning to use pelvic scale model, foetus model, birth atlas, breast models and new-born baby models, at the real weights and appearance and  to be used at the simulations, training programs and the workshops, will be used firstly by us regarding other training programs operating in Turkey at this field. The interactive methods will be preferred by choosing the suitable training methods and techniques to the knowledge, manner and skill training goals. The principles for adult training will be prioritized within the content and the methods of the training program. Upon completion of the program, pamphlets that include handy and practical information will be provided to the attendants. In order to have the measurement and evaluation of the training program, the feedback forms will be prepared intended for the attendants, trainers and the project developers. Implementation of the program to the pregnant and her partner will include 100 women and/or couples.
The training will be directive through the necessary information desirable for the participants. Within the context of this program, a good communication among parties and with  health staff, ways to stop violence,  vaginal birth process, how to decrease the anxiety before the birth, baby-care, breastfeeding, maternal issues at prenatal and postpartum period will be provided to the women with disabilities and limited budget.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

We fundamentally desire to change and advance the current conditions for women at pre and postnatal periods in our country. We believe that if the woman and her partner will have the opportunity to be empowered with the essential comprehension, consciousness  and proficiency to have better reproductive health conditions at these pre/postnatal processes, we will have both physically and physiologically  healthier families and generations. Secondly, we also would like to empower the activities that will decrease the rates of births by caesarean sections. The c-sections birth rates are quite above the acceptable %15 level of WHO. It is already above 50% in Turkey while it is over 30% in most European countries.  This rate is mostly the consequences of the barriers that women face socially. Women are addressed as weak, dependent and hesitant beings against risks at vaginal deliver especially at the contemporary ‘women at work’ image. Therefore, women somehow are deprived of their own traditional  capabilities to give birth at the natural process and they in advance are fear of giving a vaginal delivery.  It is empirically and scientifically clear that if the women, who have this fear of giving vaginal birth and who lack the necessary acknowledgement, get the training programs, simulations and workshops, we will certainly lower the rates of c-sections delivery. While decreasing c-sections birth, we will also increase the rate of breastfeeding, which already has fallen to 4.7%, at least within the first six months, as well.  Let alone this, we will remind the women of their own strength, so will empower them by providing above mentioned programs. Overall, if we can success to increase the level of vaginal birth delivery miracle of women population we will definitely  promote the better health conditions for both the baby and the mother regarding the scientific researches. It is known that there are either very limited training options in just a few cities and hospitals or very expensive training programs for pregnant women all over the country. Especially women who have disabilities and limited budget are deprived of having these training programs due to lack of tailored programs for the mentioned disadvantaged groups  and advertising.  Thus, from that point of view, we mainly would like to focus to provide free training programs for the women/couples who are with disabilities and/or women who have limited budget.  Then, we also would like to ensure better advertising options and solidarity to reach at our target group. We would like to  push a better and mother friendly atmosphere by optimizing the facilities at the hospitals, health centers and the delivery rooms. Within this framework, we aim to raise awareness of target group for available free training programs through media, social media, public service broadcasts and voluntary mother team spirit. In addition to these, after experiencing the first group training successfully in the capital city of Turkey, we then wish to generalize these training options for the mothers and their partners in other cities of our country. What is more, we would ultimately like to  share our experience and proficiency  at this field with our international partners to promote the delivery conditions and reproductive justice for women living in other countries. This is why, we traditionally inherit a medical, technical and social background that have higher vaginal delivery rates and a woman network to promote a women-friendly atmosphere during prenatal and postpartum periods. Finally, we ultimately desire to expand training programs of the trainers at both national and international level so as to extend the capacity of women by giving her to be a trainer at this field and by giving her economic and social justice at a better interdependency platform.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

We would like to participate ALF since we believe that we have common objectives on a bilateral basis. We,as an NGO operating in mediterranean, will enhance a mutual conception through empowering women's reproductive health as well as developing a solidarity between other members of ALF.
Inhrent Birth Society's one of the main missions is to overcome  the stereotypes for women which will bring us together through the shared goals between ALF and us. Last but not the least, we are eager to share our framework for democracy, diversity and equality with ALF network to sustain a better intergovernmental, international and national social organisational relations.⁠⁠⁠⁠