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Ege Kardelen Engelliler Derneği

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İsmet İnönü mahallesi 1876 sokak no 30 Menemen İzmir
İsmet İnönü mahallesi 1876 sokak no 30 Menemen İzmir
3500 İzmir
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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information: 

Ege Kardelen Disability Association is established for observing statistic of the disabled people's population, help them in fraternity, providing their deploy, education, health,shelter and care and solve their problems related to these factors and building institutions in this area. Association works on internal and external projects, protecting disabled individuals from social pressures, helping them to see the real life by workings in natural rehabilitations rather than keeping them inside of the buildings and virtual rehabilitations.
Association, address all types of disabilities in their workings and tries to reintegrate young disabled individuals to the society. Internal projects purpose to contribute disabled individuals and their family's  income and tries to focus on these aims with local authorities. It is believed that, project of mushroom culvation and worm humus will develop disabled individuals  in terms of economical and phsycological in the scope of developing production skills. Association carries out its workings in three major goals:
1- Keeping disabled indiviuals away from buildings and apply rehabilitation programmes in touch with nature.
2-Helping those individuals to develop their personal freedoms and personal development.
3-Raising disabled individuals as 'Volunteer Activist' rather than applying voluntary movements.

Mission and Objectives: 

This association,  who are working on this project, are quality enough to carry out projects within and out of the institution and they will provide the project to be qualified with their experiences. They will play directly role innovative methods and activities, which are going to be gained by the project,  to be used in the area. Our volunteer employees who are experts in education and social media,  will provide transperancy and expansion of the project

Main Projects / Activities: 

Our association works on this area since 2011. Also  our association president who has 2 care house and special education center , works on those activities. We are working on social workings and helping disabled individuals to be busy with sport activities by our knowledge and skills.Our primary aims to apply for this project is helping disabled individuals' social lives and psychology with sportive activities.