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National Network: 
Ermou 31
54624 Thessaloniki
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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

EN.O GREECE is a private nonprofit / nongovernmental body, with an international activity level. Modalities of action focus on the fields of: youth, environment, lifelong learning, new media, human rights, gender equality and culture. Our activities include all the Erasmus+ mobility projects, seminars, courses, information campaigns and conferences. We have successfully established co operations with municipalities, universities and other organisations. Budgetary resources are up to 30.000€ per year which come from Erasmus+ projects, seminars, courses and private sponsorships. Our network includes partners from all over the world, Europe, Asia, America, Africa (we have already an approved project within KA1 of Erasmus+ including EuroMed countries: Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and many of our partners come from Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon).

Mission and Objectives: 

Our mission is to promote intercultural dialogue and the spirit of friendship and cooperation between countries through mobility programmes. Furthermore, we are trying to encourage lifelong learning and research through international co operations. We believe in the importance of non-formal education as a powerful tool for breaking stereotypes and for the achievement of social inclusion and mutual understanding among people with different cultural backgrounds. In addition, we promote the exchange of good practices in order to achieve the development of skills and competences at personal and professional level. Moreover, we try to raise the awareness among young generations about several important issues and at the same time to motivate them to think and take action.

Main Projects / Activities: 
  • Host Families Projects: We have run for 5 years the "Host familes" exchange programme with Cyprus, Turkey and Georgia. Families in Greece were hosting Youth from the above mentioned countries for a week in order to promote intercultural dialogue and help people break stereotypes and learn the customs and traditions of their hosting countries. In the same way, Greek Youth were hosted from the families of the other contries. 
  • Staff Mobily of the Organisation. EU funding for the EU programme «TAP-SWIPE-PINCH.TABLETS CHANGING THE WAYS TO TEACH AND LEARN», with project’s identification number 2015-1-EL01-KA104-013555 . The project was held in April 2016.
  • Youth Exchange. EU funding for the EU programme «Young Media Makers», with project’s identification number 2017-1-EL02-KA105-003017. The project will be held in October 2017.
  • EVS sending Organisation. EN.O GREECE is accredited as an EVS sending Organisation 2015-1-EL02-KA110-00230. This year we will also apply for being accredited as an EVS hosting Organisation.
  • International Symposium "Schools and Sustainable development". The Symposium was held in Thessaloniki from 17-20 October 2013 and focused on the exchange of good practises about sustainable development and the contribution of schools. Some of the participating countries were: Cyprus, Turkey, Serbia, Great Britain, Malaysia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Israel.
  • Community Funding from the Municipality of Pavlos Melas for the Educational programme “Creative activities for children of the ages between  6-12, during summertime 2014” which was organised and held by EN.O GREECE. Identification/contract number : 1454MV002174013, Title of the project : “Creative activities for children of the ages between  6-12, during summertime 2014”.
  • Courses and seminars that are held in cooperation with various municipalities of Greece (e.g Trikala, Drama) about ICT and the use of new media (tablets, smartphones, iphones) as tools for the fields of Education, Tourism, Accesibility and social inclusion and promotion of local communities
  • Free foreign and Greek language courses for Youth, Elderly and unemployed
  • Social actions like gathering of food and clothes for people in need and orphanages
How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

EN.O GREECE has a qualified and experienced personnel in the field of Youth and Adult Education as long as non-formal education activities and has participated in more than 30 previous international and EU activities/seminars/trainings etc.

Our own Network counts more than 149 countries which means that dissemination of any created project will be more than huge. 

We obtain a group of trainers who are specialised in the fields of: New Media and Media Literacy, Gender Equality, Arts and History, Disability and Social Inclusion, ICT and Technology and Foreign Languages, Human Rights. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

To increase to opportunities to contribute in the common effort of all the Organisations which are activated in all the fields mentioned above.
To promote the values of our Organisation since they are the same values that ALF promotes.
To have the chance to exchange good practices and cooperate with other Organisations and help each other to achieve a better result for the common well.
To raise the awareness of crucial issues and situations that we are facing nowadays and motive as many people as possible to take action.