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EU Activities Centre

National Network: 
simon bolivar cad maliye sitesi no16/17 Cankaya
+90312 4406766
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

available at the website

Mission and Objectives: 

To carry on research, evaluation and information activities related not only to economical, social, sectoral and local consequences of the membership to the EU, but also to the amendments needed during the integration process; to make contributions to the activities undertaken during the negotiations period ; to develop a dialogue related to the topics about real and pseudo individuals and civil society institutions in the country, between Turkey and eu
To promote and inform about activities undertaken through the way of membership of Turkey, both inside and outside the country, and to coordinate and lead the different EU Activities Centers.With a view to ensure a civil participation in the integration process, to establish platforms and necessary new institutions, both inside and outside the country, in order to cooperate and join forces, through the integration process, with civil society institutions, various organizations and enterprises, member and candidate states’s representatives ;

Main Projects / Activities: 

the center organizes research, meetings, conferences, symposiums, panels, seminars, open sessions, educative courses, continuous education for adults, remote education etc. on the topics of developing dialogue, unification and becoming conscious, economical, social, cultural, education, youth, environment, informatics, communication, art, sectoral, local development and on other topics with EU countries for institutional and individual development · Cooperates in Turkey with the EU commission, and the member and candidate states’ representatives.
· Organizes cultural and artistic activities and provides social and active environments in Turkey by gathering members of public (Parliament, ministries, associations, institutions) and civil society and Private institutions.
· Organises Youth Projects funded by the National Agency and also ensures the participation of many youngsters to the ones in other member countries and programme countries.
· Involves more and more volunteers to the Training of Trainers or similar trainings organized by the National Agency or similar organizations.