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European - kurdstan Green Organization

National Network: 
Hishiar Abdulkarim Storgatan 36 57131 Nassjo sweden
Telephone (other): 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Director General of the Organization( Handren Ashraf Naoman )
Deputy Director-General ( Dindar Mado )
Director of Administration and Accounts ( Mounir Osman Said )
Director of the organization in Norway ( hemen Noaman )
Director of the organization in Sweden ( Hishiar Abdulkarim )
Director of the organization in Germany ( Mohammad Brefky )
The Organization's Budget:
The organization's financial source is
. Registration fees and membership fees
. Benefits from public and private agencies
. Donations and gifts from members and others.
Donations and benefits from regional and international organizations approved by the board. The organization is independent in regards to finance and administration.
The organization's funds shall be put into bank accounts chosen by the board with approval from the chairman.
The board keeps accounts according to the Finance Act.
To preserve all of nature's component like, humans, animals, plants and inanimate objects in Kurdistan and across the globe.
To work towards reinforcing democracy and development. To avoid social violence and hold onto human values by respecting human rights and social justice on account of the impossibility to care for the environment where humans are not valued. Hence the reason these principles constitute the views and philosophy of the organization.
Director of the Organization in Iraq

Mission and Objectives: 

The organization’s main objective: The Green organization is a non-profitable, non-political NGO created to promote environmental awareness and provide solutions to the environmental challenges we face today .
to protect the environment and nature, working to develop forests and planting of trees. Combating the destruction of nature and the felling of trees, protecting and developing water sources.
Disseminate information about environmental culture to protect nature and its resources, and to lead campaigns about hygiene and environmental protection through various media channels.
Co-operation with various NGO environmental organizations to develop a program to protect the environment from destruction.
Work towards improving the environment for future generations' lives and towards creating an environmentally friendly economy.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Awareness and education and counseling and seminars. And some landscaping projects and campaigns

Additional Information: