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Fabric of Life

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United Kingdom
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General Information: 

Fabric of Life is in its first stages of development.  I am the founder and have another director, we both work voluntarily. The organisation is currently based in Uganda, but is planning to have connections globally. We have around 3 volunteers who run programmes and do media. We have raised around £1500 so far through personal fundraising and small grants, currently most of the community work can be done on a very low budget due to shared resources and volunteerism. We are also seeking out further grants through trust funds.

We currently have a 3 month fashion design programme delivered in the community. In addition we have developed media for two of our fashion designer mentors. Our main partners are a Ugandan-based NGO, two fashion directors and an orphanage. 

Mission and Objectives: 

In partnership with the Bavubuka Foundation, Fabric of Life is celebrating the stories and dreams of young aspiring Ugandan fashion designers through education, social entrepreneurship and community action

Fabric of Life is nurturing a generation of community leaders and social entrepreneurs, creating capacity for young Ugandans to build sustainable livelihood opportunities in the textile industry, seeded in their unique stories and dreams.

Based in Uganda, Fabric of Life is excited to have the opportunity to run a programme which will provide young people who show great potential, with the skills, experience, knowledge and platforms to nurture successful fashion designers. Fashion designers who will make an impact on the Ugandan fashion industry through demonstrating innovation rooted in their unique stories, and importantly, designers who will share and utilise their talents to make an impact on the lives of young people in the local communities who are most in need.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Fabric of Life is addressing the multiple barriers young Ugandans are facing in starting and sustaining livelihood opportunities, whilst fostering global citizenship and cooperation between Uganda and the United Kingdom (UK), empowering youth to unleash their dreams and revolutionise the Ugandan fashion industry.

Fabric of Life will be providing our young Ugandan aspiring fashion designers with access to relevant industry mentorship from Ugandan and UK fashion designers in addition to targeted enterprising and marketing skill-building activities, which will foster a cohort of business savvy leaders, equipped to take their ideas into the real world. Our community engagement activities will inspire and create capacity for our aspiring fashion designers to be experienced and resilient professionals in a challenging and growing industry.

Fabric of Life is fostering a generation of community change-makers, young agents who will use their talents and resources to inspire another generation of textile designers, particularly those young people who have limited opportunity in the communities. We design programmes and activities to create the biggest impact, impact which will continue outside of the programme. This would not be achievable without the young fashion designers involved, it is the youth that will strengthen and increase opportunity for their peers, creating capacity for more young people to create sustainable livelihoods thus restoring hope and opportunity in the local communities.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Although my primary work is in Uganda, our work is global and is connecting with creative arts and music organisations all over the world. I have experience in youth work, arts for change, grassroots work, international development, marginalized communities and more.  Im very interested in collaborative learning, open access information, and sharing learning and experience. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

I would like to learn from organisations that have a social aim, using creativity and entrepreneurship at their core. Id like to learn about training opportunities, events, networking opportunities, courses, funding. Id also like to raise the profile of the work that I do.