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Fundación Ideaborn

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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information: 

Fundación ideaborn was created by ideaborn SL in Colombia in 2010. It is a Non-Profit Organization aimed at supporting the work of State and non-State actors in improving access to justice, good governance and democracy at local level. In 2014 the foundation creates a delegation in Barcelona city to pursuit the same goals in the Mediterranean region.

Fundación ideaborn receives yearly one third of the net profit of ideaborn SL and matches this funding with other private and public funding sources.

Currently the foundation is promoting three large initiatives: (i) a network of youth, arts and sports organizations helping cities in the Americas to strengthen the impact of sports and arts in the primary prevention of violence and crime; (ii) a program to promote the education of civil and political rights in the schools of the Mediterranean area, together with ideaborn SL; iii) a program to strengthen the rule of law through human rights, legislative development on human rights and international humanitarian law in African countries.


Mission and Objectives: 

Fundación ideaborn, founded in 2010 in Medellín, Colombia, by the same consulting firm, Ideaborn SL, to complement its work to promote human rights at the state level, is a non-profit organization whose central mission is the promotion and dissemination of human rights.

The foundation works for the promotion and diffusion of human rights through:

- Support actions for local bodies.
- The study and direct advice.
- The conception and execution of training courses.
- The implementation of development cooperation projects.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Relevant activities of Fundación ideaborn
In addition to the FONDO RECUERDA initiative (www.fondorecuerda.com), Fundación ideaborn carries out other activities in the area of violence prevention, civic education, peacebuilding and supporting local democracy, generally speaking supporting the reinforcement of the rule of law around the world.

§ Forming Responsible citizens (FRC): Fundación ideaborn has been working for two years in the identification and formulation of an innovative initiative in the area of violence prevention in the Mediterranean region, thorough civic and equality education in schools.

Approved by the Union for the Mediterranean1 (UfM), it has a regional focus, however its implementation will start in 3 pilot countries where we have a relevant partner organization, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. Labeled in 2014, the implementation phase will start in 2015 with a meeting including education ministries form the three countries and implementers partners to draw a clear workplan and commitments from each part.

This project aims at reinforcing the role of schools as the main vehicle for the transmission of values of sustainable and inclusive development, freedom and gender equality values and to promote these values through the development of a renewed civic education curriculum. The project’s core activity is the joint analysis of the existing textbooks in Tunisian, Egyptian and Moroccan secondary-middle schools from the perspective of citizenship education and equality between men and women, and the production of a new, redesigned version of the present national curricula, followed by training of teachers in citizenship education and their networking on a national and regional level.

The total cost of the initiative is 632.000 Euro; up to now, the initiative should receive the contribution of Norwegian government via the Union for the Mediterranean up to a 60% of the budget; the Secretariat of UfM itself will cover around the 10% of the project costs.

§ Human Rights Legislative Development Initiative (HRLDIA): this initiative aims at reinforcing the capacity of African countries to adapt their internal law and effectively apply the treaties of international law on human rights and international humanitarian law that have already been ratified. The mission of the HRLDIA is to work for the African people, and especially for those persons who are most vulnerable to abuse so that they can see a progressive improvement in their access to fundamental human rights and freedoms (final beneficiaries). As such, we work with State and Non-State Actors in each African country, which invites us to intervene.

A working group has been set up to complement the work of the member organizations, Catalan Cooperation Agency for Development (ACCD), supporting the institutional relations with potential beneficiary countries; Catalan International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP), coordinating desk research activities; and ideaborn-foundation coordinating the initiative and providing international and regional experts together with relevant law schools. The 1st pilot initiative has been planed for Mozambique given its long-term commitment of ACCD with that country. The working group already received an invitation from the Mozambican Government to work on the Convention on the Right of the Child (CRC).

Each specific assignment has a cost of 90.000 Euro, for a 1 year duration.

§ Feasibility Study “Youth violence prevention in Kinshasa”: Fundación ideaborn will support consulting arm (ideaborn SL) in the implementation of this contract awarded by the German Economic Cooperation (KfW) providing its knowledge and expertise in the sector. In the framework of the Peace Consolidation Fund funded by the KfW in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ideaborn will undertake a study on the youth violence in Kinshasa, especially on the phenomenon of “Kuluna” and formulate a program for the prevention of violence among youth, thus fostering urban security in Kinshasa, which should include sport, culture and social activities alongside with relevant employability and urban planning measures for the selected neighborhoods.

Conceived into two phases, the 1st project phase is expected to start before the end of the year 2014 and it is entirely funded by the KfW (175.000 Euro).

§ Strengthening local governments capacities to assist the victims of Colombian internal conflict: Fundacion ideaborn conducts this imitative in an alliance with the Colombian ministries of interior and Law and Justice as well as with the Department of National Planning and the Government Victims’ Unit. With them it is providing continuous support to Colombian Sate governments (“departamentos”) of Bolivar, Santander, Putumayo and Cundinamarca. The support consist in strengthening the capacities of these local governments to assimilate, adapt to their needs and implement the tools created at
federal level to support access to justice, truth, reparation and develop guarantees to prevent repetition of the atrocities.

The initiative will be extended in function of the funds available for other departments.

§ Municipalities’ Strategic Plans: upon request of the municipal authorities of Cartagena and Medellin in Colombia, and Makati in the Philippines, Fundación ideaborn developed guidelines and plans to include a strategy for the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of violence and juvenile crime.

Fundación ideaborn carried out these initiatives upon the request of the mentioned municipalities in the year 2012.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

The overall objective of Fundación ideaborn is to the promote and disseminate human rights, developing initiatives to support local organizations; the promotion and dissemination of human rights through study and direct advice. Furthermore we are developing in the Mediterranean regions an iniciative to enhance gender equality and prevent youth violence.  

We work to create synergies between public institutions at the local level and civil society organizations, through actions to support the vulnerable population, governments and local bodies on issues related to access to justice, support to the population in the knowledge of their rights, the obligations of the State towards them and their obligations with the society; and the exercise of rights.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

A.L.F. network is a landmark for Mediterranean Countries as a cross-cultural bridge, for this reason it is essential for us to join your network in order to develop our work and to reach a better cooperation in our area of interest.

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