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Fundación Nueva Cultura del Agua

National Network: 
C/ Pedro Cerbuna 12 4º dcha
+34 976 76 15 72
Telephone (other): 
+34 976 76 14 88
Organisation Type: 
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The FNCA was born in 1998 with the organization of the 1st Iberian Congress on Water Management and Planning. The FNCA counts on around 100 members, most of them from the academic field. Its main structure is based on a board, with 14 founders from Spain and Portugal. Every year there is a general assembly in which the following year projects are approbed.
Last year’s available resources were around 600.000 euros, coming mainly from the members instalments and public administration such the Environment Ministery. The principal actions are research, concrete projects, seminars, meetings and congresses. Our main partners are Bakeaz, Coagret, WWF/Adena, …

Mission and Objectives: 

The FNCA aims to satisfy ends of general interest, mainly of scientific carácter. Thus, it works on the promotion on I+D initiatives, education, cooperation for development, environment defense, or similars, always related to aspects on water management in its widest sense.
It does it by:
- research activities related to hidrological studies.
- Promoting technical training for professionals on water issues related to the new water culture
- Developing educational activities around the mentioned new water culture
- Promoting and developing cooperation projects, collaboration and studies exchanges
- Any other objective that supports the mentioned ones.

Main Projects / Activities: 

- Organization and/or sponsoring courses, seminars, conferences, …
- Preparation, edition, difussion and promotion of books, magazines, videos, etc related to the educational purposes of the FNCA
- Enterprise and institutional collaboration
- Library, documentation and batches of documents related to the object and activities done by the FNCA
- Awards and grants for studies or research
- Organization of the Iberian Congress on Water Planning and Management
- Creation and maintenance of an I+D network related to the FNCA objectives