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Genç Girişimciler Platformu

National Network: 
7302 sk No:22 Ümit Mah Pınarbaşı Bornova
35060 İzmir
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Turkey's producing and creating value established with the vision to accelerate entrepreneurial way with the virus that countries Young Entrepreneurs Association (SSE) to create a culture of entrepreneurship and to promote different levels of education in Turkey is working with the mission. Entrepreneurship as a unifying element of the entrepreneurship ecosystem locally is driven by the spread of children, young people, women in every part of everyday society.

Mission and Objectives: 

- Contributing to the ecosystem of entrepreneurship locally and nationally,
- To contribute to the increase of the capacities of new generation entrepreneur candidates in İzmir,
- To create appropriate projecting processes according to innovative ideas,
- To increase the competition levels of young entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates in İzmir,

- To carry out workshops in the field of entrepreneurship for the disadvantaged groups (women, young, disabled, LGBT individuals), to determine strategies,
- to prepare policy recommendations within the context of gender equality for groups with different disadvantages within working life,
- The association contributes to public policy at the local, national and global level in relation to the field of study and expertise.
- Developing capacity building projects in areas such as governance, entrepreneurship, project literacy,
- To cooperate with entrepreneurial clubs established in universities and high schools, to form a mentor network composed of people who will contribute to the development of entrepreneurs, to establish an angel investor network or boards to support new entrepreneurs,

Main Projects / Activities: 

-To educate trainers who will be able to make education contents in the scope of entrepreneurship literacy,
- Development of entrepreneurship literacy awareness and to develop projects to reach all segments of the society in this area, to develop strategies,
-To develop different practices for the development of entrepreneurship and consciousness in children,
- Entrepreneurship Corporate Social Responsibility Establishing partnerships and networks with organizations and non-governmental organizations wishing to carry out projects,
-To establish an international international network of entrepreneurship by establishing solidarity with the public, private and civil society sectors that are active in entrepreneurship literacy and operating in the international arena,
-To facilitate young people to develop themselves in the career field in the framework of a rights-based decision for the mostly disadvantaged young people, to make it easier for them to be thrown into a fully equipped business and social life,