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General Archives of Greece-Historical Archives-Museum of Epirus

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Dionysiou Filosofou and Glykydon 452 21 Ioannina, Greece
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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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General Information: 

I am the Director of General Archives of Greece-Historical Archives of Epirus and the President of the Museum of Historical Archives of Epirus. My one-year Harvard experience, as fellow for the year 2006-2007, has exposed me to variety of opportunities and obstacles in my country's economy. I want to interact with the outstanding faculty of Anna Lihn Euro-Mediterranean Foundation to share your experiences and draw on your opinions. Because Anna Lihn Euro-Mediterranean Foundation is one of the nation's most highly regarded one I would like to be actively involved in your foundation to help enrich cultural dimensions in Epirus.
I will be grateful to establish a cooperation in Epirus and we will grant the necessary time to fulfil your experience.

Mission and Objectives: 

Our purpose is to educate citizens in the art of freedom.Our purpose also is to educate new generation that Africa is the mother country and all the countries around the world come from it.
Additionally, another challenge might be the coordination with other museums around different countries, sharing information and administration, sharing resources and works of art. However, to protect our environment means environmental “security” according to Queen Noor. It is also very important for us and “must be viewed by the community of states as a vital global interest”. Preceding this idea working individually in our diversities we know how to work in groups. So, we emphasize in natural security and peace by having international symbols.

Main Projects / Activities: 

My twenty-three year experience in the Ministry of Education has exposed me to variety of opportunities and obstacles never before have been imagined. I want to interact with the Anna Lihn Euro-Mediterranean Foundation's members to share my experiences and draw on their opinions. I also want to be actively involved in student clubs to help enrich learning and cultural dimensions in Anna Lihn Euro-Mediterranean Foundation. I will have in your program and in your environment to do my global leadership skills.
By appraising the possibility to modify traditional methods argued in Archives and to invent new approaches as e-learning education I hope to establish the new model through my experience as teacher and a researcher.