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Graines de Paix

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99 Bd Raspail
75006 Paris
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Non-Governmental Organization
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Graines de Paix is an  international NGO  that develops education solutions for sustainable peace. We propose training programmes and education resources for Ministries of education (ME), destined for both teachers and young students. Our expertise is in merging creatively quality education pedagogies based on psychosocial skills and culture of peace-based values and competencies for preventing violence and radicalization.

We are apolitical, non-confessional and independent of outside organisations or persons, whilst being actively open to dialogue and exchange.


Association employing 12+ employees + interns/volunteers, Geneva, Switzerland.

Graines de Paix - France
Partner association, mainly volunteer-based.


1.4-1.8 M p.a.


Public institutions, Private foundations, private donors, revenue-generating activities.

Concrete projects

1. Tailored training programmes for education hierarchies
(Counsellors, Inspectors, Teachers, School managers)
(Ivory Coast (since 2012), Lebanon, African countries (in the making)

2. Educational resources
   --- Growing up in peace Collection (for school classes of children aged 4-12)
   --- Growing up together (in development)
   (In French, to be culturally-adapted and translated into Arabic and English now)

3. Education counselling for preventing violence

Main partners
Prescribers: Education Ministries, public and private schools, youth centres.

Main public funders: Federal Commission against Racism, State of Geneva, Loterie Romande, Cities of Geneva, Meyrin and several others.

Main private Funders: UBS Optimus Foundation, Smartpeace Foundation, various banks, private donors.

Mission and Objectives: 


To contribute to the foundations of a sustainable culture of peace through education, research, advocacy and knowledge-sharing.


  • Advance the quality of education and learning achievements through incorporating the values, competencies and teaching practices of peace education.
  • Increase the likelihood that peacebuilding initiatives will be successful and sustainable by empowering children, families and teachers with the tools, values and competencies necessary for better living together.
  • Reduce physical, verbal and psychological violence against children and between children notably in schools.
  • Cultivate the respect for human rights through teaching children, families and teachers how to render non-discrimination, inclusion and freedom of expression a reality in everyday living-together.
Main Projects / Activities: 

1. Grandir en paix au Liban!

A full project responding to the requests of the Ministry of Education in Lebanon (MEES, CRDP), to bring about the culture of peace, through quality education methods and psychosocial practices focusing on  living together in harmony and violence transformation.

2. Child protection against school violence in Ivory Coast

A project focusing on the Tonkpi region where physical and psychological violence against children causes psychological wounds, fear, absenteeism and dropping out.

3. Integrating culture of peace education into the teacher curricula and the school curricula of Côte d'Ivoire.
This is the first of a kind whereby an NGO guides the Ministry experts for this priority goal, as there remains a high risk of political violence explosion, especially due to youth.

4. Applying the "Growing ip un peace" collection of teacher guides and student booklets in the public school of Bex, Switzerland

Bex has been ridden with violence and suffers also from the rejection of the migrants that have been installed here. This one year programme, financed by the Department of Education of the Vaud Canton and other bodies, aims to evaluate the social impact of our culture of peace programme on children's attitudes, behaviours and psychosocial competencies.

5. "Grandir ensemble" (Growing up together), an in-depth teacher guide and student booklets for developing intercultural intelligence.

This work will first serve the schools in French-speaking Switzerland, and is aimed to provide concrete experiential activities in response to the objectives of the Suisse Romande School programme for primary schools and preprimary classes (8 grades in total).

6. Guide for cu-ture of peace-developing activities for extracurricular programmes

This has been requeested by town halls of several French cities and we are starting this development now.


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