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The Hague Peace Projects

National Network: 
Paviljoensgracht 20
2512 BP Den Haag
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The organization
The Hague Peace Projects was brought to life by four individuals who all work in the field of human rights and conflicts. Together, they agreed that more could be done to provide people in Europe and in countries of conflict with genuine, reliable information about these conflicts. Far too often news reports and human rights organizations focus only on the symptoms of war: explosions, number of deaths and refugees, battles and sieges, instead of the root causes of these conflicts, ulterior motives and interests.

The four founders however, believe that it is important to know who the main actors behind the scenes are and what objectives they have, where the funding and the weapons come from and who the true victims are.

Only thorough research, analysis and regular personal contact with the diaspora in Europe, local journalists and activists on the ground, can such a true image of a conflict been given. And only with this kind of information about the true causes and consequences of conflicts, can solutions be formulated and relevant action be taken.

Core values
The Hague Peace Projects believes and will comply in all its actions to the values of freedom, non-violence, transparency, and human rights.

Structure of the organization
The Hague Peace Projects is an entirely voluntary organization, with about 150 volunteers in total. The budget for projects comes from project proposals and acquisition of funds, but generally the organization functions on very low costs. We have ambitions to professionalize the organization, however, and part of that strategy is the acquisition of more funds. 

Mission and Objectives: 


The Hague Peace Projects believes in a world where conflicts between human beings, groups of people and countries are not solved by violence and the law of the jungle, but through dialogue, respect for human rights, and honest cooperation between equals.

The mission of the Hague Peace Projects is to contribute to peaceful solutions to (armed) conflicts by bringing diaspora groups in the Netherlands from conflict areas together, to contribute to the knowledge of the root causes of conflict and its possible solutions.

By researching, analyzing and clarifying the often complex contexts and realities of (armed) conflicts, the Hague Peace Projects will provide relevant information to decision makers, assist and encourage actors on all levels to take the necessary actions that lead to conflict resolution and eventually peace.

Main Projects / Activities: 

The Hague Peace Project cooperates with diaspora communities from conflict areas living in Europe, local journalists and human rights actors living and working in conflict areas. Together with them the Hague Peace Projects does research, publishes reports, does advocacy on different levels, and organizes public campaigns. We pay special attention to cultural and artistic events raising awareness among a wider public of today’s conflicts and everyone’s capacities to contribute to peace.

As of May 2017, the Hague Peace Projects has working groups on and from the following regions and topics: Great Lakes Region, Turkish-Kurdish dialogue, Somalia, Bangladesh, Syria. A Morroccan working group is in the stages of set-up.