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Haliganda, Civil association

National Network: 
Slovak Republic
Ždiarska 9
04012 Košice
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General Information: 

Haliganda started up in 2002. Since that time we care children do not grow up and adults do not get old too quickly. We inspire and help parents with upbringing and invest all resources into childrens creativity. Haliganda consists of 2 Maternity centers, Creativity House and Montessori club. We are working on basis of volunteering and main base of the organization is formed by 5 memebers. Haliganda is non-profit organization. We raise funds for operation by ourselves - through grants, 2% from taxes and self-financing activities. We are working on various projects connected with art, theatre, education, international exchange, providing art workshops for children and adults, lectures for parents. Our main partners are Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, Košice town, Roma Education Fund, Sarvam Foundation, Brave Kids festival, Teater Piesen Kozla.

Mission and Objectives: 

Realization of creative and educational programs, which participants are members of the community - children, women on and the after maternity leave, parents, grandparents. Haliganda activities are focused on leisure activities for the whole family regardless the age and the creative use of public space settlement. Our mission is to create multigenerational center that provides space and services to mothers and parents of grown up children and grandparents. Providing space for large groups of people from the community where we live, in order to improve their quality of life and to ultimately assist in positive solutions to social problems. Spiritual and cultural values are ​​developed by organizing cultural events, concerts, theater performances, nature excursions, weekend family meetings, educational programs. The Association actively cooperates with other civil associations and humanitarian organizations. We are partner in public collections and contribute to the protection of human rights, the protection of health, building of solidarity awareness, assistance and charity especially among children and youth. Our association promotes a healthy lifestyle and an interactive form of learning through lectures with specialists, training, advisory, support groups, seminars, discussions, exercises. Training covers a wide range of formal and informal to the formal traditional teaching methods appropriate to each target audience, from children to adults. One of the most valuable forms can be considered just Prevention - giving advice and experience between the visitors themselves. Each has free access to the library of association, which includes books, periodicals and journals about education of children, health, development, and psychology, the social sphere and the section, and not least, visitors have free access to the Internet. The association provides social assistance and humanitarian care. The association provides social counseling through external cooperation with a social workers of the association which creates space for preventing a first contact in emergency situations. OZ Haliganda works exclusively on their creative projects and brand Haliganda is also officially recognized trademark. Under our civil association was established Haliganda Theatre and Theatre ľuds(z)kosti that are regularly presented at events over Slovakia and abroad. OZ Haliganda organizes its Haliganda Country festival with international participation performers and spectators.

Main Projects / Activities: 

We have been working on various kinds of project, the most interesting are „Haligandaland“ - international festival for children and their curious parents. It is platform for creative people from various scientific and art fields who can inspire children and parents with their projects created for our festival only to feel creativity, variety of cultural antetypes and aesthetic values. Professional artists meets children and their world face to face. We wish production for children would not be perceived as secondary, naive and easy. Our festival does not present opus only but it gives a space to present projects created right on the place. „Knock and…“ - reading of goodnight fairytales by their authors as Tomáš Janovic, Branislav Jobus, Erik Groch, Stanislav Rakús and many others to the children at their homes, „Reading in the sand“ - large sand-pit is meeting point for children and parents with archaelogists, historians, geologists „Other music“ - music group which create own instruments, play instruments from various exotic counties and use historical instruments also. Projects of Other music take children to different counties or they drag them into various historical periods, art workshops for children and adults, lectures for parents. "Brave Kids" - international festival for children from disadvantaged background, from the street, slums, favelas, postwar countries, orphancies. Brave Kids is a platform of dialog for children from all over the world. The project aims to inspire children to imagine a better future for themselves and provide tools to help fulfill their aspirations, using Art as the main medium of education.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Haliganda is organization with wide range of activities as culture, art, theatre, education, social work, charity, humanitarian aid. We have 13 years old knowledge and experience with work on various kinds of international projects. Our target group are children and families. We do support children creativity, their vision of life, their individuality with help of art.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

We believe in better world and we do our best to participate on its creating also. We have many of international cooperating organizations and being a part of such organization as Anna Lindh Foundation will enable us to contribute with our knowledge and experiences on various kinds of projects with valuable aim.