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Herstory is still in early development phase. We are in the process of registering Herstory as a not-for-profit social enterprise, trading as a CLG, and in the future we will look into registering Herstory for Charity Status. Our organisation model is based on Culture Night, with a core administration team overseeing a programme which has the tendency to go viral.

Melanie Lynch, Herstory Founder, is currently the only person working full-time on the project, supported by 20+ advisors, and a team of 35+ volunteers, with 100+ collaborators. Please see http://www.herstory.ie/collaborators/

Our partner organisations include the National Women’s Council of Ireland, Women are Boring, Waking The Feminists, Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, Women Aloud Northern Ireland, and Irish universities nationwide.

To date we have received approx. €12,497 in funding from donations, ticket sales and 4 small grants. Our new funding strategy will focus on securing immediate funding from philanthropists in Ireland to deliver our 2017 programme inc. Illuminate Herstory 2018.

Mission and Objectives: 


Herstory aims to celebrate the diversity of our modern, multi-cultural Irish and global society through a democratic storytelling movement. Dual narratives of emigration and immigration are at the heart of Irish culture - Ireland has the largest Diaspora in the world, proudly counting 70 million members. Our aim is to creating a platform that can be adapted worldwide, where women’s stories can be amplified around the world, engaging other countries to join us in creating a cross-cultural storytelling fabric.

History censored which stories were recorded. Today celebrity culture dictates the stories that make it into the mainstream, leaving countless extraordinary role models in the shadows. In the age of celebrity culture, Herstory aims to give future generations tangible, genuine and inspirational female role models.

Herstory is inspired by the discovery that there are over one thousand remarkable Irish women’s biographies in the Irish Dictionary of National Biography. From our research we know that the amnesia of women’s stories is not just an Irish problem - this is a global phenomenon. Our objective is to spark a cross-pollination across generations, genders and nationalities; bringing women’s stories to life for a contemporary audience. Adopting a collaborative and experimental approach, Herstory incorporates the worlds of music, comedy, theatre, fashion, dance, photography, poetry, fine art, film and more.

Herstory also aims to celebrate inspirational, egalitarian partnerships throughout history and today. Herstory discovered that in every remarkable woman’s biography there was at least one man who saw her as an equal and together they influenced each other, achieving great things. This is a universal truth. Our objective is to champion these duos as evidence of how equality is not only realistic but beneficial for EVERYONE.

Main Projects / Activities: 


In January, the inaugural Illuminate Herstory light festival saw 16 counties celebrate 198 women; illuminating castles, museums, libraries, theatres and offices in their honour. Please see the Impact Report attached. The objective is to start a new annual international light festival where Ireland inspires the world to celebrate women, just like St. Patrick’s Day inspires the global greening. Big plans are already underway for Illuminate Herstory 2018 and the themes will be announced next month.

Students of Trinity College Dublin decided that the day of Trump’s inauguration would be the perfect day to celebrate women. On the 20th January they launched the Herstory Salon series and every month a different university / IT takes the baton to host a Salon. To date Trinity College, Waterford IT, University College Cork, NUI Maynooth and Ulster University have hosted Herstory Salons with future events planned in NUI Galway, AIT, University of Limerick, and Queens University Belfast. The plan is to take the Herstory Salon series international in 2018. 

There’ are two TV series in early development with RTÉ - one is a childrens series challenging gender stereotyping for Under 6s and the other is an adult documentary series interweaving contemporary and historical women's stories in a non-linear narrative. There are also multiple publications in the pipeline including a game-changing new teen magazine to inspire and support today’s Daughters of Ireland. Only a handful of women are taught in Irish schools despite the fact that over 1000 extraordinary Irish women feature in the Irish Dictionary of National Biography. Our aim is to present these heroines as alternative, authentic role models for a contemporary audience.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Herstory welcomes the opportunity for collaboration and cross-polination with sister organisations in the Irish Network, through the highlighting of women's stories from their organisations, co-creation of events and projects, and other opportunities.

As Herstory is still in its infancy, we welcome the opportunity to learn from the experiences and wisdom of other organisations in the Anna Lindh Foundation Network, many of which have a fantastic longterm track record of delivering powerful social and cultural change. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Herstory is hugely inspired by the incredible work of the Anna Lindh Foundation across the 43 member countries. Cross-cultural projects have never been more important, especially in these globally turbulent times we live in. We know that when we empower women, society greatly benefits on the whole. Inspiring and supporting women in conflict zones is crucial to achieve peace. Women build bridges, families, communities and heal wounds.

For example, in 1913 the women of Northern Ireland set aside their politicial and religious differences and joined together, Catholics and Protestants, for the suffrage movement. The women of Northern Ireland went on to play a pivotal role in the Peace Process and the Good Friday aggreement. 

The Herstory team are very excited about the opportunity to collaborate with organisations across the Middle-East, Mediterranean and Europe, working together to celebrate women and egalitarnian partnerships as we strive for equality for everyone. 


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