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IKAM - Istanbul Research Centre on Women

National Network: 
Hamidiye Cad. Çelik Han, No: 16 K:4, 34155 Sirkeci
+90 212 526 97 52
Telephone (other): 
+ 90 212 526 97 53
+ 90 212 526 97 58
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

IKAM is an NGO with a staff of 19. Since it has been established in December, 2006, the budgetary resources are not available. IKAM, subsidized by the Municipality of Istanbul, also receives grants from funding foundations, NGOs and local authorities on project basis.
IKAM pursues activities such as field researches, establishing a database on women’s issues, training programs, fact-finding conferences, awareness raising campaigns, projects and monitoring the implementations in order to promote gender mainstreaming, to produce gender policies and to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women.
Our partners varies according to the projects, however, our main partners are local authorities, universities, research institutions, academicians and women’s organizations.

Mission and Objectives: 

- To promote gender mainstreaming;
- To produce, to implement, to contribute to local and central gender policies;
- To run scientific researches, to offer solutions and to publish reports;
-To contribute to all kinds of works to prevent discrimination against women in political, social, economic and legal domains;
-To provide training and mentoring services to promote the advancement of women into politics.
-To fight against all forms of violence against women;
-To form a women’s database inclusive of former data and studies;
-To support, cooperate with and offer consultancy services to individuals and institutions working on women’s studies.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Main projects of IKAM are:
- Socio-political field researches in Istanbul and then in Turkey
- Academy of Politics for Women
- International Women’s Studies Symposium
- Training programmes for women’s organizations, local and public authorities
- Violence Intervention Centre