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Jerusalem Center for Women

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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information: 

Tawasul (linkage in Arabic) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was founded in 2002 by a group of Palestinian civil society activists committed to peace, democracy and the two-state solution. The aim of Tawasul is to promote a culture of peace, enhance democratic values and act as a catalyst for non-violent communication between all levels of the Palestinian society. Tawasul also aims to strengthen Palestinian grassroots movements and help them fulfill their social and political aspirations. Tawasul especially encourages women and youth to participate in decision-making processes in society and works to inspire and bring hope to civil society activists in general so that they can contribute to the promotion and advancement of democratic and secular movements in Palestine. Tawasul is the Deputy Head of the Palestinian National Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation and a co-founder and a steering committee member of two civil society networks: the Palestinian Youth Organization Network and the Palestinian/Israeli Forum for Peace.

Mission and Objectives: 

Mission: The mission of Tawasul is to enable individuals and civil society actors in Palestine to participate in democratic decision making processes and peaceful dialogue both locally and globally. Objectives: To create democratic space for marginalized members of the Palestinian society (women, children and youth) to participate actively in both formal and informal decision making processes. Contribute to Strengthening civic peace, national unity, national identity, citizenship, peaceful dialogue and political tolerance among the different political and social segments of the Palestinian society. Enhance the capacity of members of the Palestinian society, especially women and youth in conflict resolution and civic, political, social, economic, and environmental rights and responsibilities. Empower and build the capacity of Palestinian youth groups. Promote a culture of volunteer work in Palestine. Promote concepts of good governance, rule of law and transparency in public and private decision-making processes among Palestinians. Create a solid infrastructure for peaceful civil society activism. Raise local and international public awareness about challenges facing the Palestinian people.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Our projects / Accomplishments Tawasul started its activities at the beginning of the current Intifada, “Uprising 2000”, by carrying out a contingency plan with other partner organisations. This plan had a very crucial role in meeting people’s basic needs through intensive coordination and collaboration with Palestinian NGOs such as PARC, Hydrology Group, PANORAMA, CARE and various public committees in different Palestinian governorates. Tawasul contributed to the establishment of the National Emergency Committee, also designed to meet the urgent needs of Palestinians during the Israeli invasion of the West Bank. Capacity building through training “Lobbying and Advocacy” training seminars; "Human Resources Development through training"; "Democratisation Town Hall Meetings"; "Booklet road to happiness"