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Kūrybinės ateities idėjos

National Network: 
Baltijos pr. 11-12
94134 Klaipėda
Mobile Phone: 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

NGO "Creative Future Ideas" working with different youth groups and organizations in non-formal education field. Teachers have big experience in using non-formal training methods in education, organizing seminars, conferences, events. NGO is open to all youth who wish to participate actively in non-formal education activities, and provides a variety of opportunities to spend their leisure time, develop their creative abilities and knowledge of their profession in scientific, technological, artistic, sports, tourism sections. The rationale behind this aspirational - an intelligent, thinking, creative young person.

Mission and Objectives: 

Main aim of NGO: to unite and activate the creative youth, institutions and / or organizations to encourage their creativity, to spread a positive experience, to take part in various projects directly related to the activities of the association.
The aim of the association is actively involved in the work of building the culture of Europe, taking care of the development of national cultures, regional, rescue them from the unification of mass global culture. The organization creates a platform for the participation of Lithuanian natural and legal persons in the EU projects.
Association tasks:
1. Organizing of seminars, training, active recreation and other events, contests, an educational support projects, engage in sponsored search, develops creative publishing activities,educational topics;

2. Communicate and cooperate with enterprises, institutions, organizations, spreading positive experience, improving their employees' skills, solving performance problems, provide methodological support professional.

3. Implementation of joint projects;

Main Projects / Activities: 

Members of the NGO have a wealth of experience based on their work in various institutions. Their substantive knowledge and above all the range of skills related to the management and operation of human resources makes that they are willing to work with the implementation of the project, in the case of most of the members of the project focused on the work and the support of young people from different European countries. Members of the Association are individuals actively involved in the activities carried out at local, regional and international levels.  Members of the NGO promote and support the comprehensive of the socio economics development of regions. Their work contributes to creating conditions for reducing disparities in the development of civilization individual areas of Europe. These activities are primarily through participation in EU projects. NGO provides non formal education trainings focused on boosting transversal skills, above all entrepreneurial, digital, creativity and language learning in order to increase their employability as well as self-employment potential of its youth audience.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

NGO members will help to transform education and entire communities, while learning from each other and, in turn, increasing each other’s impact in the classroom and beyond. NGO will share the power of exchanging ideas across borders, aiming to support knowledge exchange, strengthen dialogue and intercultural cooperation that are crucial for the stable and sustainable development in the Region.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

ALF Network will provide opportunity for our NGO share experience and ideas, transfer good practices to Region countries, Also our ativities contribute to improving Intercultural understanding, tolerance, equality between youth in Region.