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LIBURNETIK Organisation

National Network: 
Rr. e Barrikadave 260/1 1001 Tirana, Albania.
Tirana, Albania
Tel: +355 4 222 6497
Mobile Phone: 
+355 69 46 44 063
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 


The organizational structure of LIBURNETIK:
• General Assembly composed of membership is the highest decision making body of the organization;
• The Board, with exclusively advisory powers is the chosen body by the assembly, reflecting the organization’s lines;
• Executive Director legal representative and director of the organization selected by the general assembly;
• The staff is composed of full time and part time paid workers of the organization and volunteers that cover different sectors such as finance, secretary, project writing and communication.
• Regarding to the financial system LIBURNETIK organization, organized in the form of an NGO, is based on the annual membership fees, volunteer contributions and on different grants, for which, through foreseen statutory objectives and territory analysis, proposes to interfere in the form of projects and activities for the improvement of the citizen’s life, respect of human rights and youth empowerment.

Modalities of action are:

concrete actions in community

youth exchanges and training courses. 

EVS-European vomunteer servise

career consulation

Main partners: Tirana Municipality, Agency for Promotion of Civil Society, UN women, SAJV and SCI Switzerland etc.




Mission and Objectives: 



LIBURNETIK organization aims to achieve full social integration and creation of an open society without barriers, based on solidarity and peaceful coexistence.


The organization contributes to the development and awareness of society in service of each target group, through an informal education strategy, the implementation of various projects and a network of activities carried out by volunteers and social operators.

Main objectives

 - Integration and social promotion

- Youth orientation towards the academic, professional and labor  market

- The protection and the tutelage  of Human Rights and  in particular to people in danger

- Art and culture in the service of Civil Society                                                                                                           -Migration

- Anti-discrimination                                                                                                                                                    -Civil society, the role of communication, synergy and decision-making for an inclusive society.


Among our most important values are:
• Professionalism: Efforts to reach concrete results in every aspect of our work, making them known at the professionals of the field, citizens and other interested actors;
• Accountability: Being accountable to the public by undertaking the implementation of possible solutions;
• Innovation: Desire for innovation, applications and unique and contemporary solutions;
• Cooperative approach: Close cooperation with organizations that share the same values and objectives.
• Volunteerism: Continuous efforts to influence positively the progress of the integration process.
• Respect for the other: Affirmation and respect for the dignity, potential and contribution of staff, institutions and all of those who are interested to contribute to our cause.

Main Projects / Activities: 

The organization was founded a little over two years here in Albania and we can say that in this period we have made some important steps. In two years we have built an organization that has more than 15 activists and many volunteers, the work is done mainly in Tirana, but we also have a small group of activists and volunteers in Elbasan. In this period we have implemented several projects, such as Diaspora 2.0 and Tirana Art Fest. In addition to these two projects where we are the applicant, we have been partners in other projects and initiatives in the field of gender and equal opportunities as well as the theme to combat violence against women. The results of this period are also clearly visible in the personal development of our staff and our activists, who according to our strategic plan, are inclined to grow, train and specialize in relation to the issues that cover.


How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

LIBURNETIK organisation will give its contribution in the Network by undertaking several actions for the good of the society in the fields it operates. LIBURNETIK staff come from different profiles, professional experts in their work who can give their expertise in any case. There are also lots of volunteers who are part of the organisation and will be active in every activity undertaken by the network.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

ALF Network activities are in the same line with LIBURNETIK activities. Some organisations working together make a bigger impact in improving society. Furthermore, sharing experiences with other organisations of the network which work on the same area would be an added value to our work.

Additional Information: