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Mental Health Association for All

National Network: 
Meriç Mahallesi Kemalpaşa Caddesi Bayrak Apartmanı No:43 Daire:3 Çamdibi Bornoca/İZMİR
35090 İzmir
+90 542 547 54 54
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Structure of the organization, including number of staff employed and/or partners: Mental Health Association for All is the association that was established in August 2017 by mental health professionals and students. The association’s members consist of psychologists, psychological counselors and students who study in these areas.
Budgetary resources available in a year: In the beginning, the association’s budget resources will be composed of membership fees; then, fund raising programs and service models will be created in long term.
Sources of funding: The association’s current funding sources are members.
Modalities of action (concrete projects, exchanges, seminars, scholarships etc.): The association will create actions towards society mental health; in addition to providing members to free seminars, the association will also conduct trainings and seminars towards private corporations and will get income with that.
Main partners involved in the organization's projects/activities: The association will cooperate with every association located in Turkey; also implement sustainable common activities with NGOs and local governments.

Mission and Objectives: 

Mental Health Association for All was established by mental health professionals and students under following purposes: being an association who has strong impact on improvement process of mental health policies and provide every single person in the society to utilization from mental health services in the frame of equality of opportunity.

• Contributing community mental health with national and international studies, researches and social responsibility activities under community mental health
• Contributing vocational development and enhancing activities towards vocational rights of professionals who work in mental health area
• Enhancing cooperation capacities of professional organizations who are active in mental health
• Being effective in policy process of international mental health area, improving policy, implementing lobbying activities and advocacy of mental health professionals
• Conducting awareness-raising activities for generalization of mental health services among whole society
• Being declared as sample about management, social impact, sustainability and fund-raising in national and international area
• Providing students who are active in mental health to free seminars, meetings and trainings for enhancing their vocational capacities in the frame of equality of opportunity
• Conducting preparation, interference and healing activities towards possible traumas in emergencies and natural disasters and cooperate with NGOs and local government.

Main Projects / Activities: 

The Association will act in two basic area: firstly, conducting lobbying and advocacy activities which have effective impacts on mental health policies in Turkey; secondly, implementing actions towards society mental health for effective utilization of every single person in the society.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Mental health professionals in Turkey have not vocational rights yet. Though every professional organization has its own association, cooperation and coordination activities towards acquisition of vocational rights are not enough except emergency and natural disaster process. Current associations do not include students and youth have not got effective role in associations. Our association will promote universities’ faculties as relevant to mental health; also provide students who study mental health area to solutions towards their problems and opportunities of effective participation to NGOs in order to prevent current deficiency. Volunteer therapists’ network will be established for effective access of especially people who have low socio-economic opportunities; with this way, mental health services will be generalized in the frame of equality of opportunity.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Our association resembles ALF’s following purposes ever since it has established: promoting activities that provide cooperation and solidarity among people who have different cultures and religions; contributing development of Europe-Mediterranean Region intercultural strategy; contributing common values as offering proposals with decision makers and entities.
In this context, following statements are important for our association and partners who we will conduct activities with in the future towards observing successful samples: ALF’s concentration on society based and social dialogue themes; existence of education and youth, culture and art, peace and cooperation; conducting main studies such as values, religion and spirituality, media, cities and immigration.

Additional Information: