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Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS)

National Network: 
P.O. Box 572
E-Mail (2): 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

1. General Assembly; Board; Board of Directors; President; Department Heads: Finance and Administration, Clinics, Women’s Health Program, School of Community Health, Loan Centers for Assistive Devices, Youth Programs, Community Based Rehabilitation Program, External Relations, Laboratories, Emergency, Ambulance Services and First Aid Training Program, Chronic Diseases Program and Centre for Management of Chronic Diseases, School Health Program, In-Service Training Program
- 358 staff in total: 139 men, 219 women.
See the following file for more information:
2. 2004: US$ 7,127,000
3.Donor contributions (74 %); user fees (15%); donations in kind (1%); other (10%).
4. Programmes; projects; patient referrals to overseas institutions, particularly for children.
5. (Examples) Ministry of Health; Ministry of Education; St. Johns Eye Hospital; Bread for the World; Medico International; Oxfam International; Oxfam Belgium; Save the Children; UNICEF.

Mission and Objectives: 

PMRS’ ultimate goal is to ensure quality health for all based on the principles of primary health care (PHC). This involves the the empowerment of local communities to take control of their own health needs, as well as influencing national policies to adopt systems that ensure equality and social justice.

Main Projects / Activities: 

PMRS currently runs 17 different programs:
1. Community Health Centers & Clinics Program;
2. Laboratory Services Program;
3. Central Pharmacy & Rational Use of Drugs Program;
4. Women's Health Program;
5. Child Health Program;
6. Psychosocial Counseling Program;
7. School Health Program;
8. Chronic Disease Program;
9. Specialized Programs;
10. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program;
11. School of Community Health Program;
12. Health Education & Promotion Program;
13. Emergency First Aid Program;
14. Youth & Community Centers Program;
15. Community Mobilization & Outreach Program;
16. Lobbying, Advocacy & Civil Society Program; and
17. Management Information System Program.