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Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development

National Network: 
Telephone (other): 
Mobile Phone: 
00- 970- 599- 659766
Mobile Phone (other): 
00- 970- 599- 295646
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The organization is supervised by a general assembly consists of 49 women that elects a periodical administrative board of 7 women. The executive administration consists of general director, programs officer, and financial manager. The programs officer supervises the programs coordinators who supervise the field officer. There are 67 employees within the organization that is active in five governorates in the West Bank and Gaza Strip where the majority of employees (around 64) are women. PWWSD gets fund from several international organizations like Dan Church Aid, Diakonie, Bread for the World, Medical Aids for Palestinians, FOS, CFD, CCFD, KtK.

Mission and Objectives: 

- To Strengthen and Empower Women within the Decision Making Process
- To contribute for developing laws, regulations, procedures and administrative structure in a manner that ensures equality
- To help in providing job opportunities for women and seek to involve them in the economic activities vis- a- vis men
- To help provide psychological support for women and children and work on elimination of all forms of violence against women.
- To contribute in building local, regional, asnd international alliances for developing progressive women oratory
- To develop the administrative, organizational, and financial capacities of the organization

Main Projects / Activities: 

- Women Empowerment in the Decision Making Process
- Worker Women Rights Program
- Social and psychological counselling program
- Community centres for women and children
- Income- generating projects for women