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Recomate AB - Action Research Centre for a Resilient Society

National Network: 
Thorild Wulffsgatan 14
41319 Göteborg
+46 70-628 62 00
Organisation Type: 
Private Company
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Recomate AB is a company dedicated to the creation of social innovation with a special focus on well-being, human rights, integration and sustainability- locally and internationally using action research as main driver. Recomate is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and has over 30 years of experience in driving change, development and innovation programs around the world. It recently launched the creation of an Action Research Centre for a Resilient Society as well as the Energy Lab and Program for Well-Being.

Mission and Objectives: 

We aim at enhancing awareness, relations, and creating conscious ways of working, learning and innovating to improve the resilience and cooperation of individuals, cross- generation relations, communities, organizations and eco/innovation systems. 
We use action research methodology with a diversity-sensitive and participative approach. 
Our work is interdisciplinary and builds on competence in gestalt and organizational psychology; well-being, human rights and integration; quality, change and technology management; teaching, leadership and policy for sustainability.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Recomate and its Action Research Centre for A Resilient Society have special competence in development of diversity-sensitive change and development tools, models, methods and instruments needed for assessing and developing: well-being at individual level, conscious ways of working, relationship building and social contracting, culture and platforms for collaboration.


Past and ongoing projects linked to Anna Lind Foundation’s mission are:

-       Inner to Outer integration program for long-term unemployed and long-term sick leave migrants in Sweden
-       EI WISH- Well-being, Human-Rights & Integration workshops and stakeholder collaboration in Sweden
-       EI WISH - Action research re: Aging as a migrant from a cross-cultural, generational, sectoral and religious perspective; collaboration with migrant, minority and religious associations from Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, Iran, Somalia, Roma, Syria, Armenia, Woman Center in Sweden
-       'Roma Inclusion' program in Sweden, UK and Hungary
- Innovative Universities program in Central America, South America, Vietnam, India, Brazil, China, South Africa