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Selat Al- Harthiah Charitable Society

National Network: 
selat alharithiah jinen west bank palestine
00972 42 445 106
Telephone (other): 
00972 599 649607
00972 42 445 106
Mobile Phone: 
00972 599 649607
Mobile Phone (other): 
00972 599 998772
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Founded in the year 1969, is aimed at community development in general is a charity social addition to being a cultural and educational, in the 1973 General Assembly got the license Kaul Society working almost in the Jenin governorate in general and villages in the west of Jenin, in particular, the Assembly during the years of pioneering social work in terms of assistance and support lasting for poor families in the town with a population of about ten thousand, and to achieve the goals it Ahadfha The General kindergarten children for entry to the first row in the basic stage, As right Nsue Center is the first at the town level to provide support and assistance to Palestinian women in our community and advancement of women, primary education and animal husbandry, agriculture, and lack of center equipped with computers,

Mission and Objectives: 

General seeks to take pride of place to Janie institutions and organizations working to promote the rights and welfare Overlooking Embracing the right of the child to prevention, protection and social security, treatment, education, learning and love and understanding and relief and BOARD physical, mental and protection from discrimination and neglect, cruelty and exploitation
At the Women's Action promote women's initiatives seeking to activate the role of women towards societal rewarded job opportunities for both sexes leadership development of women in all its sectors for delivery to decision-making centers concern for the development of the capacities of rural women and enabling them to participate in public life to solve the problems of poverty level to contribute to raising awareness of the legal, law and health, cultural and educational to Palestinian women

Main Projects / Activities: 

we have lot of activities and events and will be re-submitted to you as soon as possible