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S&G System and Generation Association

National Network: 
Necatibey Caddesi No:19 Daire:21
06430 Ankara
Telephone (other): 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

“S&G” systemandgeneration has been founded with two aspects such as SYSTEM and GENERATION by gathering of leading civil society institutions, various sectors of the society, EU experts, youth, youth workers, youth trainers, university representatives and artistic societies in 2008. S&G Youth Centre To promote and inform youth about activities undertaken through the way of membership of Turkey, both inside and outside the country, and to coordinate and lead the different YouTHere Activities with a view to ensure a civil participation in the integration process, to establish platforms and necessary new institutions, both inside and outside the country, in order to cooperate and join forces, through the integration process, with civil society institutions, public and private sector, various organizations and enterprises, member and candidate state representatives;
*to encourage youth by establishing partnership and trans-national exchanges, preparing a common environment for Turkish and European youths to inform and support for running European Projects, *to promote young people’s active citizenship; *to develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion; *to foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries; *to contribute development in the quality of support systems for youth activities and the capabilities of civil society organisations in the youth field. *To increase the awareness of youth, NGOs, universities on project management, preparation, execution and assessment. *To inform youth about initiatives and realise activities encouraging youth in entrepreneurship. Youth Caravan is on the road to Europe and Turkey S&G is an accredited NGO for EVS for sending+hosting+coordinating 2008-TR-30
Works in collaboration with Ankara Culture and Association, CESIE, Italy www.cesie.it , EUROCIRCLE http://www.eycn.org/  and Many National and EU Level Associations.

1-The General Assembly
2-Board of Directors
3-Supervisory Board

Staff employed: 2
EVS Volunteers: 9

For 2015
S&G Revenue (in EUR): 260.610 euro
S&G total balance sheet 260.610 euro

The main financial sources of your organization:
X EU Commission

X Private Sector
X Member's fees
X Other (i.e. National Institutions, please specify): Local Authorities……………

COMMENTS: We are supported by Media and Local Companies


Mission and Objectives: 

to enable the defragment of youth with society and community, to cranck up their entrepreneurial spirits and abilities, to help them to maintain information, ability and efficiency, to meet the youth from different cultures, to strengthen the understanding, comprehension and tolerance between youth, to enhance the solidarity and to make youth to make and have their own politics, to countanence the Europian Union at youth area, to build up cooperation and collaboration between international firms. This association serves from a point of view and in a frame to improve the inventiveness and creativeness of our people and to combine and contact these creativeness especially starting from the youth, with the systems, created in European Union, that are objected and created from the productivity increase of economic development in which this productivity increase is used for furnishing the efficiency and sustaining the productivity, to considering the socio-economic needs of sustainability and analyzing the problems well in a good way of planning and preparing a project and with a belief that is coming from this good way of planning and preparation of projects, and in addition being aware of the team work culture’s being one of the most effective tool in a way of reaching these targets and aims.
 To create an awareness between youth, NGOs and universities; on the topics of project evaluation methods, project preparation and project management.
 To induce youth’s active citizenships, in general.
 To strengthen the perception, to enhance the interdependence and to induce complaisance and tolerance between youth in order to strengthen the social congruity at Europian Union.
 To inform the entrepreneurs about entrepreneurship and to perform the applications that will encourage the youth about entrepreneurship.
 To make a collabortion and operations at yourth area with Youth National Agencies, Education-Visual-Audiovisual and Culture Implementation Agency, Salto Source Centres, Eurodesk Network, Youth Area Commision and Europian Council.
 To furnish services about Europian Union services, oriented to Eurodesk Network youth; and these services are;
- To answer the questions,free of charge- with telephone , by visiting, by e-mail and fax, etc.
- Sugessions and helps to the owner of the questions;
- Publications and sources;
- Activities,conferences and seminars, etc.;
- Network access to Europe information;
- Education and support services;
- Soru sahiplerine öneri ve yardım;
 To make collaborations and collective works with associate and candidate countries‘ representative offices through the purposes of association’s aims, in order to enhance the dialogue between Europian Union corporations and associate countries and Turkey.
 To be the transfer center of international firms , to make colobarations with these firms and to be the represantative of the firms – that are already established or will be established- which are preparing projects, making evaluations,educations etc with the funds provided by domestic and abroad youth, intrapreneurship, our country, EU, World Bank, UNDP and other sources.
 To conduct and drive evaluation and information works that are about the effect of integration procedure on community, society, SMEs, NGO’s.
 To follow up the Turkey – EU deliberations and consultations and to define the areas to which are probable of furnishing an assistance and to work on this topic,
 To make necessary advertisings and presentations and information works, in our country and abroad, on the way of Turkey’s membership and with this aim, to provide orientations and make coordinations of the activities of association and association offices in the country and on abroad,
 To follow up the programmes of our country, EU, World Bank, UNDP and other donations that are related with youth, NGOs, SMEs, civic governments and to prepare projects about these subjects and to participate in the projects related with these topics, as a participant or a partner,
 To prepare regional and zonal improvement and development projects and to participate in the projects related with these topics, as a participant or a partner,
 To make colaborations with domestic and abroad organizations such as technocities,universities, industry and commerce accomodations; for the improvement and development projects and to asses these colaborations to a protocole.

Methodology to achieve the aims and objectives
 To make research and meetings, conferences, seminars, panels, open sessions, symposiums , abroad educations and adult(?) educations,
 To reseach for improvement and activation of activities,
 To provide action and social conditions by meeting the domestic appertainings, related with EU, of the NGOs, private sectors, publics( Parliament and Ministerial Offices, associations and firms)
 To organize culture and art activities,
 To make a colaboration with and/or to be an associate to related domestic and abroad community/public establishments, universities, NGOs, real and legal people, international establishments and firms with similar purposes ( associations, foundations, charities, platforms, corporation networks, etc),
 To make regional and sectoral research, to make scientific and academic research or make someone to do research, and with this aim, to prepare protocoles and to sign them,
 To make time-bounded and trasient actions in the country and on abroad related with every written printed press, internet, computer programmes etc and to make a web site and to establish a communication center,
 To make or to make someone to do surveys and gallup pools,
 To buy/ hire/ rent/sell the chattels and demesnes that are needed by the topics/subjects of purposes and activities,
 To make actions at international area that are suitable to related rules.
 To take up testaments, to accept and devote any kind of donations and aid, suited to related legislation.

Working Areas
The Association shows activity about social, cultural and scientific areas. It makes the activities informed above by the authorised people and related establishments.

Main Projects / Activities: 

We have been participating actively to several EU Youth Programs at national and international grounds for years, the following are the ones closer to this action.

Project 1
Project title: Kick our racism and violence
Object and results of the action: Kick out racism and violence » is a European youth exchange project (Youth in Action programme) on the theme of the fight against racism and violence in the stadium. www.kickout.eu This project is supported by the DG EAC, the Préfecture des Bouches-du-Rhône, the Conseil Générale des Bouches-du-Rhône and the Fondation de France. The young Europeans participated in the preparation of an anti-racist action already planned in the programme: a giant tifo (12,700 boards) showing the logo of the project and a 30m long streamer with the name of the exchange: « Kick Out Racism and Violence »! First of all, the participants assisted in the preparation of the tifo (in the organisation and installation of the boards) and secondly they unfurled the tifo in the « Ganay » tribune on Sunday 6th April 2008, during the football match between Olympique de Marseille and Olymipique de Lyon at the Vélodrome stadium in Marseille.
Location: Marseille, France
Target group: Youth
Duration of the action: 3rd to 10th April 2008
Total cost of the action (in EUR):
Amount contributed by the Donor(s) (in EUR):
Role of your organization: Leader X Partner

Project 2
Project title: Power of partnership – Youth vision for 2020
Object and results of the action: The major goal of this project was to increase the involvement of young people without experience in Youth Programme in an international projects by means of creating a better understanding of possible opportunities and positive impact of opening the local communities which leads to tolerance and open mindness in local society. Fostering inter-cultural dialog among youth to improve the quality and competence in partnership collaboration among youth, youth NGOs and local authorities. To foster inter-cultural dialogue between the participants and learn on other cultures by using different methods, To rise participants' awareness on cooperation and partnership cultures of other participants and knowledge of Euro-med. To contribute in reduction of inter-cultural prejudices and bias in the countries involved in the project. And to contribute to the ability of young people to engage in collaboratively and encourage social exclusion, multi-cultural awareness and inter-cultural toleration. Youth from Turkey, Italy, Jordan, Israel, Czech Republic and Egypt increased their knowledge on other cultures and collaborative partnership possibilities and techniques by discussing and using different methods, aiming to foster dialogue and deliver message for peace and tolerance. -Advancing cooperation between the participating cities throughout the Mediterranean region and Europe.
Before we start the project we planned to organize a small competition to elect successful youth to participate a Training Course and also training course for youth from Turkey and Euro-Med Youth III Programme Countries in Ankara with the cooperation of Municipality, NGO’s and youth including activities that aim to rise participants’ awareness on different cultures, and increase their knowledge on other cultures by discussing and using different methods, aiming to foster dialogue and deliver message of peace and tolerance and to exchange ideas on prejudices.
We prepared a poster and gave these posters to the group leaders during the preparatory meeting held before the project started. It was reallt amazing what kind of interesting and inter related outcomes, such as music, paintings, graphs, presentations, etc obtained from each country and each individual participant selected to particicpate in this project. They were even had difficulties to decide who should participte in this training course due to excess of the applications. There fore some of the countries bought one extra participant to our project.
After the training course; We planned to facilitate both long-term and short term objectives for European and Mediterranean youth leaders, objectives that closely mirror the aims of mobility and participation as outlined by the Euro-Med YOUTH programme itself These goals include:
-Providing a Training Course in which leaders from varied societies can freely interact;
-Building specific and thematic skills necessary for the instillation of peace and the resolution of conflict;
-Encouraging and supporting youth leaders;
-Raising awareness of socio-gaps that exist within societies;
-Introducing and furthering the activities of the Euro-Med YOUTH programme, making it available to a wider base of potential participants;
-Creating a joint identity by establishing common future visions and goals;
-Promoting cultural exchange and understanding, and encouraging interfaith dialogue;
-Facilitating interaction between youth leaders hailing from peaceful nations and those still living in conflict, such that each can pass essential lessons on to the other;
-Instigating cooperation between communities following the Training Course;
-Heightening awareness of the benefits of peace, and conflict resolution;
-Reducing misconceptions and breaking down extant stereotypes;
-Educating youth about democratic processes, rights, and self-determination, as well as about the functionality and role of local government;
-Establishing a political spectrum to contribute to comprehensive peace efforts; Engaging male and female youth leaders on an equal level and in equal numbers to promote both the notion and the practice of equality
These specific objectives above mentioned can clearly be seen how was achieved by looking at the programme applied and pictures presented.. And there was great enthusiasm among participants to understand and getting involved in the specific objectives spontaneously. This was also very much challenging for us. S&G took major role in implementation and execution of the project from preparation and final.
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Target group: Youth
Duration of the action: 26 sept – 1 october 2008
Total cost of the action (in EUR):
Amount contributed by the Donor(s) (in EUR):
Role of your organization: Leader X Partner

Project 3
Project title: Balcan youth intercultural dialogue conference
Object and results of the action: The Turkish National Agency is organising the European Youth Week activities for the third year. This year, the themes are Intercultural Dialogue and European Youth Policies.

The activities hosted interested young people and youth workers of youth-related NGOs from numerous Balkan countries, EU Countries and from Turkey, as well as, Turkish journalists, winners of the European Young Journalist Award, scientists, intellectuals, artists and press members. The number of participants was set to be around 120.
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Target group: Youth
Duration of the action: 5 – 7 November 2008
Total cost of the action (in EUR):
Amount contributed by the Donor(s) (in EUR):
Role of your organization: Leader X Partner

Project title: Photograph for Neighbours
Object and results of the action: Aims (50 words)
Help youngsters to think of "neighbour" concept, the same time "other one", "different", in the wide sense "dicrimination", respect to others with help of arts. Art and photograpy will help youngsters to see the concept of other youngsters to the same theme, how people can understand the same thing differently.
We aim to hold photography competition after an exhibition of pictures in Ankara-Turkey (anyone who lives here) which are taken by youngsters for the concept of “dialogue with neighbors” (in the wide sense, neighbor countries, regions etc.). We will ask youngsters to take pictures for, what does “dialogue with neighbors” mean to them, in what kind of actions do they see this concept, take pictures of them. Youngsters could work with youth workers to take their pictures, the pictures doesn’t have to be taken by professional camera or professionally. They will then upload them onto a website to be judged by the general public. On 22nd May 2008 the voting will be over, we will have a big night of Euro-Mediterranean Night where the participants, NGO’s who were involved get together, publish the pictures with an exhibition.

Mostly small NGO’s in Ankara to activate them and get them in contact with others, youth workers who are interested on photography, AFSAD (Ankara Photography Artists Association) (They will help us with publication of the photos and after printing of the photos), ANKSAD (Ankara Culture and Arts Association) (They will provide us the place for the night of 22nd May where we will hold the Euro-Mediterranean Night and publication of the photos.) NGO representatives of Euro-Mediterranean countries in Turkey (Italian Culture Centre, French Culture Centre, German Culture Centre etc.)
"This action is part of the regional campaign "1001 Actions for Dialogue" launched by the Anna Lindh Foundation the Dialogue between Cultures for the enhancement of peaceful coexistence and intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The action was generated with the financial support of the Anna Lindh Foundation"
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Target group: Young people between 18-30 years old, anyone who is interested on youth work, arts and aims to work against discriminationYouth
Duration of the action: 1.5.2008- 22.5.2008
Total cost of the action (in EUR): 5000
Amount contributed by the Donor(s) (in EUR): 2500
Role of your organization: X Leader Partner

Project5 You There Youth Here
Youth Caravan is on the Road to Europe and Turkey
Object and results of the action: The aim of our youth Project “You There Youth Here ” is to act as a media fort the Exchange of knowledge about the opportunities provided by the EU for young people, to increase the awareness of the intercultural dialog, carry the information through the Turkish National Agency, the posters, brochures and CD prepared by the “YouTHere” and they will be further informed about the given opportunities of EU for the intercultural dialog through the different materials, lap-tops, and projector/projection screen which will be available in the caravan.. Especially economically disadvantaged young people who couldn’t benefit from the Youth Projects will be given an opportunity. During this informative work the youth will have the chance to obtain information from A to Z in first place through the outdoor activities of the YIA YouTHere Sen Orada Gençlik Burada Caravan and the PC’s/internet web site.
The YIA Caravan painted with the colours of Turkey and EU and attended by one Project leader and at least three S&G YouTHere Youth Group Project volunteers is going to visit cities (Konya, Eskişehir, Kastamonu, Kırıkkale, Kütahya, Kırklareli, Edirne and Ankara/İstanbul), three or four Universities/METU Vocational schools (Selçuk, Kastamonu, Kırıkkale, Bilkent or Başkent). On the way of the caravan, S&G YouTHere Youth Group will visit three or four EU Youth Projects and participate youth meetings in three districts/provinces. Through the Project which is planned to last 12 months it is intended to contact 1.000 young people directly and 20.000 young people indirectly. During the realization of the Project we wish to benefit from experiences of the Project of our EUROCIRCLE-Marseille partner “our euromobile- on the way to europe” Our partner eurocircle will accompany us for one week on our caravan. At the end or during the Project we have the intention to realize a new Project together with France, Italy and Spain. Within the scope of the Project we wish to share our experiences using the log-book of our Caravan and the short film of the Project we aim to send young people which we are going to choose during our visits as participants of the Project and also to intensive EVS dedicated www.jamonet.eu and www.cesie.orginstitutions for EVS.
Location: Ankara-Kırıkkale-Konya-Kastamonu-Eskişehir-Kütahya-Kırıklareli-Edirne-İstanbul , Turkey
Target group: Young people between 18-30 years old,
Duration of the action: 1.6.2008- 31.5.2009
Total cost of the action (in EUR): 12000
Amount contributed by the Donor(s) (in EUR): 12000
Role of your organization: X Leader Partner
Comments (if any):
We were there with Youth Caravan and exhibited “Photo Exhibition for Neighbours. We were supported by Anna Lindh for Dialogue in Action Programme and represented Turkey in Dialogue in Action Interactive Publication. Some other projects are as follows:
Full Support, PreparedParticipatedExecuted
Project Title Action Target Group Date
Venue, Country
THE Turkey’s Harmonisation to Europe Action 5 Youth Seminar Youth Leaders, NGO Representatives, EU Experts 2006 Ankara,Turkey
TC on Project Cycle Management Action 5 Youth Training Course Project Coordinators, Youth NGOs
2005 Best Pratice Award in Action5 by TNA Ankara,Turkey
A Little Sound for a Great Hope LSGH Action I Youth Exchange Visually Imparied 2007 Ankara,Turkey
TC on Knowledge Management for Youth Organisations Action 5 Youth Training Course Youth Leaders, Computer Experts 2007 Uşak,Turkey
Sport for Youth Inclusion without Racism and Xenophobia Action I Youth Exchange Youth (Caucasus Countries included) May, 2007 Rize,Turkey
Youth in Saving Common Cultural Heritage: Blaundos Antique City Action I Youth Exchange Youth (Caucasus Countries included) 2006 Uşak,Turkey
PRIVATISATION Threats and Opportunities Within the Scope of EU Integration Action 5 Youth Seminar Youth Leaders, NGO Representatives, EU Experts 2006 Ankara,Turkey
Face in Face Action I Youth Exchange Young Artists, Painters June, 2006 Kastamonu,Turkey
Crossing The Bridge Action 5 Youth Seminar Youth Leaders
2005 Ankara,Turkey
Youth Tackling with Leukemia Action 5 Youth Seminar Youth, Young Doctors
2007 Ankara,Turkey
Four Cantons and Common Melodies Action I Youth Exchange Young Musicians,
disadvantaged 2007 Ankara,Turkey
Impact Assessment Analysis of Youth Projects Action III Youth Initiatives Youth
disadvantaged 2006-2007 Ankara,Turkey
Youth House Action III Youth Initiatives Youth
Disadvantaged 2006-2007 Kastamonu,Turkey
Youth Centre Action III Youth Initiatives Youth
disadvantaged 2006-2007 Konya,Turkey
SOS for Youth Action III Youth Initiatives Youth NGOs, Trainers 2007 Ankara,Turkey
The Rthyme of Harput Under EU Sun Çayda Çıra Action I Youth Exchange Youth Folk Dance 2007 Elazığ,Turkey
Struggle Action I Youth Exchange Gender Discrimination 2007 Ankara,Turkey
Project Title Action Target Group Date
Venue, Country
Aspects of Social Tensions in a multi-cultured Europe Action 5 Youth Seminar Youth Leaders
2005 Malta
Youth Vision for 2020 Action 5 Youth Seminar Youth Disadvantaged
2006 Malta
Power of Partnership Action 5
Training Course Youth Leaders, NGO, Local Authorities, Municipalities May, 2006 Czech Republic
Forming The Earth YIA 3.1
Youth Exchange Ceramic Students 2007 Czech Republic
Euromed Gender Connection Action 5 Youth Seminar Promoting Gender Equality 2007 Italy
MOYC – More opportunities for Young Citizens YIA 3.1
Training Course Training Course for Multipliers 2007 Italy
Black and White Action 5
Training Course Youth Leaders, NGO, Local Authorities, May, 2006 Czech Republic
Sustainable Islands Seminar Action 5 Youth Seminar Youth Workers 2006 Gran Canarias, Spain

Project Title Action Target Group Date Venue, Country
Kick our Racism and Violence
Action I Youth Exchange Youth Sport April, 2008 Marseille, France
New Action Model of Youth Partnership YIA 3.1. Training Course Youth Leaders January 2008 Baku Azerbaijan
Youth Tackling with used Batteries and Acumulators YIA 4.3 Seminar
Youth April 2008 AnkaRa,Turkey
GET INVOLVED IN EVS Act4.3 Youth 25th June-1st July 08 Keschemet, Hungary
JAMO PROJECT TC for EVS Mentors and Volunteers 30th September Eylül-4th October 2008 Sevilla-Spain
Power of Partnershıp Youth Vision For 2020 I Understand… EURO-MED III Youth 26 Sept -1 Oct 2008 Ankara,Turkey
Youth Seminar on An Approach to Youth Policies in all its Aspects Act. 5.1 Youth Leaders, Youth,
Youth Policy Makers 2st-6th November 2008 Ankara, Turkey
TC on Quality EVS, Good Impact Act.3.1 Youth Leaders, youth, EVS Volunteers 29th November – 5th December 2008 Bakurani, Georgia
Balkan youth Intercultural Dialogue Conference Conference Youth 5-7 November 2008 Istanbul. Turkey
TC Human Rights in Action Act. 3.1 Youth 7-13 December 2008 Chisinau – Moldova
Ongoing Projects(Approved)

Project Title Action Target Group Date Venue, Country
JAMO Youth in Action Mobility and Opportunities JAMO en Mobilité Project 2006 – 3328 / 001 - 001 EVS 2007-2009 Mantova, Italy Jaen, Spain Marseille, France Abana, Istanbul Turkey
Photograph For Neighbours Anna Lindh 1001 Actions Youth May 2nd-22nd. Ankara-Turkey

Act 1.2 Youth 1st June 2008 - 31st May 2009 13 CITIES UP TO NOW IN TURKEY
Youth Seminar on SVIÖ EVS Effective+Valuable+Satisfactory Act 3.1 Youth Leaders, youth, EVS Volunteers 19-25 January 2009 İstanbul,Turkey

Additional Information: