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Think Tank Development Solutions

National Network: 
35 ELhussien Street, Elmohandsin
Giza Egypt
Organisation Type: 
Private Company
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

“Think Tank – Development Solutions”, is a social venture acting as a knowledge hub for social development innovations introduced by young people. Think Tank aims at providing a space for young people to share their innovative and creative ideas for social development, while supporting them to make their ideas come true. Think Tank is seeking a change encouraging an active participation for youth constructing a new social definition of solidarity and mutual understanding.

Think Tank’s mission is to work to provide a supportive environment for young people to be change agents in the development of the Egyptian community, through adopting diverse tools of non-formal education techniques, experiential learning approaches, and close coaching and mentoring.

Mission and Objectives: 

1. To make young people have a strong understanding for their own culture and identity, how it is formed and how to value and respect the differences of other's culture and identity.
2. To make young people able to interact within the local and international society and be able to build relationships
3. To promote the concept of social entrepreneurship and sustainability and innovation among young people. 
4. To assist young people to be able to Identify their life and career objectives in relation to their social initiative.
5. To develop organizational skills of young people to be able to plan and manage effectively their youth initiatives.
6. To acquire young people with the interpersonal skills needed to be active citizens.
7. Encourage young people to initiate their own community development initiative.
8. Train Young people on how to use new social media to promote their social action projects.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Our Programs
1. Capacity Building
• Social Entrepreneurship Camps
• Active Citizens Program
• Soft Skills
• Social Projects Planning and Management
• Public Policy Analysis and Writing Policy Recommendation Papers
• Debating Skills – Young Arab Voices

2. Mentoring and Coaching
• Supporting Youth social projects
• One-to-one mentoring and coaching
• Peer-to-peer support group

3. Incubation
Providing a legal umbrella for the nascent social initiatives established by young people till they are ready to operate independently

4. Career Guidance
• Skills assessment
• Career Determination
• Career Planning
• Career mentoring

5. Event Organization
• Employment and Volunteering Fairs in Non Profit Organizations
• Youth Exchanges
• Workshops and Seminars

6. Advocacy Campaigns
CanYaMakan Advocacy Project                     www.canyamakan.org
• “Can Ya Makan” project aimed at advocating for youth participation in policy making. The project adopted a comprehensive methodology.
• As it started first by building the capacities of youth in the field of public policy analysis and writing policy recommendation papers.
• The young people were then divided into five teams, each worked on a specific societal problem for which they developed their own policy recommendation and a policy brief.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Although Think Tank Development Solutions was established in 2014, but the founders have more then 14 years of experience in community development in the national, regional, international and euromed level. Their experinces varied from working with governmental organizatiom, international organizations and NGOs.

We can contribute with our expereince and knowledge in the different developmental issue with the other partners. Also we can contribute through introducing new ideas for projects and programs that feeds in the network's mandate and help the partners to play effective role in the network. 


Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Our strategic approach is to work through partnership, we been partnering with all organizations that shares with us the same mandate or work with the same target group, such as Governemtnal Institutios Public Universities, Private sector, NGOs, Student activites, and youth initiatives.


I believe ALF Network has a diverse expertise of members that would be a great added value to the work we do, either through direct partnerships or through the gained expereinces from the experties and practices of the member organizations. 


By joining the ALF Netwrok, we give more opportunities to our young beneficiaries to interact with many experiences and reach more development opportunities.



Additional Information: