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V.OE.M. vzw Vereniging voor ontwikkeling en emancipatie van moslims/ A.D.E.M. Association for Development and Emancipation of Muslims.

National Network: 
Montignystraat 34, 2018 Antwerpen
2060 Antwerpen
Telephone (other): 
+32(0)3272 35 07
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Our organisation has been acknowledged by the Ministry of the Flemish Community, Department of Culture, as a national immigrants association since 1996. At this moment we have 5 members of staff.
Our budgetary resources are the Flemish Government en the Flemish Communal Commission in Brussels.
V.O.E.M. is an umbrella organisation and works with a number of thematic working groups. Each group is responsible for the organisation of its own activities. The administration is coordinated by the head-office.
Through our activities we built a good network of different kind of partners.
There are thematic cores in all Flemish provinces and big cities. They work on subjects as emancipation, participation, ethical questions, supervision of Turkish and Moroccan elderly, dialogue initiatives, educational issues, happenings and sports, women emancipation, supervision of children, cultural activities, theatre and other art forms.

Mission and Objectives: 

V.O.E.M. wants to turn Flanders into an open, free, liveable and tolerant society. We try to prevent preconceived opinions by presenting a clear image of Muslims and other immigrants. We want to create a tolerant community where all theologies can live together in harmony.
The federation wants to be the link between the foreign and autochthonous authorities and inhabitants. We try to weave, together with other authorities and umbrella organisations, a network of dialogue between all theologies. The strive for freedom, responsibility, emancipation, political awareness, sociological changes… is very important.

Main Projects / Activities: 

V.O.E.M. organises regularly activities such as:
* Information sessions: lectures and lessons…
* Stimulation of the interreligeous dialogue
* emancipatory activities organising
* discussions and debates relating to history, identity and social changes
* workshops in schools and youth-institutes
* activities for women,
* educational tours
* expositions about Arabic calligraphy, photography and poetry
*VOEM is since a few years also active in Europe through his participation in several exchange projects and international seminars.