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World Dance Company

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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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General Information: 

World Dance Company gathers a group of artists and teachers of various genres, with a core team who have been collaborating since 20 years around educational and artistic dance and musique projects.

Being an open organisation, many new employees have been added over the years and we have a growing team composed of regular dance instructors and occasional artist. This development positions us today as one of the main cultural actors of Göteborg. 

Our sources of funding come from dance classes and public fundings. Our main actions are the organisation of cultural events, often around the thematic of inclusion, using dance therapy, working with refugees and LGTB rights for example. We also have a number of artistic productions. 

We have a broad network of partners including artists, ABF (The Workers Educational Association in Sweden) the city of Göteborg, and other organisations engaged in cultural and artistic activities to support social thematics such as integration, support towards minorities etc... (TillT)

Mission and Objectives: 

Our mission is to gather people around dances from all over the world and transfer our values: tolerance, acceptance, support and collaboration, integration and love. 

Our objectives are to: 

- Create and animate communities of interests mixing genders, generations, and ethnicities.

- Offer professional quality and inclusive dance classes 

- Deliver strong messages through artistic and engaged artistic production 

Main Projects / Activities: 

- Dance classes

- Artistic productions

- Organisation of cultural events