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ALF B&H Strategic planning workshop - Tuzla, June 10th. - 11th. 2017.

ALF B&H Capacity building workshop
Tuzla, 10th. 11th. June 2017.

Capacity workshop started at june 10th. At 15:00. By the plann, members of the ALF B&H worked at the ALF B&H SWOT analysis and making strategic guidelines for the following period (2017 – 2019.)

Participants were divided into two working groups.
The results of the SWOT analysis of the ALF B&H in presence were:

- The powerful influence and knowledge of the situation in the local communities,
- Membership in the international ALF network,
- Diversity of member organizations,
- Concept of open network with strong international influence,
- Massiveness of network,
- Members experience in writing and implementing projects.

- Lack of interest and motivation of members
- Poor media visibility,
- The network does not have sufficient impact on the national level with respect to its
relevance, power and importance,
- No focus, solidarity and synergy among members,
- There is no focus on the program organization of network,
- Mistrust and lack of cooperation between members of the network in Bosnia and
Herzegovina and taking the unique attitudes,
- Lack of a stable "inflow" of resources to the network,
- Lack of mechanisms to "bound" members of the network,
- The lack of human resources within the network,
- Democratic relations in the network.

- Establishment of a body for development and international cooperation
- The transfer of knowledge and experience from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field
of peace-building and trust to countries that are now in the post-conflict stage,
- Valuation of successful examples from Bosnia and Herzegovina at the international
- The possibility of a joint application to projects and partnerships,
- Cooperation between national ALF networks,
- Cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
-  Cooperation with embassies in B&H,
- Cooperation with international organizations,
- The development of network capacity for the processes of lobbying,
- Mapping, analysis and transparent work of member organizations of ALF Network

-           Revised and reduced resources of ALF Foundation,
-           Indifference of the institutions of B&H for work ALF network,
-           Lack of money for network operation,
-           Reduced number of calls for projects and available resources within the ALF

Following strategic areas and guidelines for the following period (2017 – 2019.) are proposed:

1. Strenghtening a role and impact of the ALF B&H network at the peace and development processes in B&H and Euro – Mediterranean region;

1.1 Building and strengthening of the internal capacities of ALF network through meetings, trainings and common projects of ALF members;

1.2 Strengthening of financial capacities for sustainable work and development of ALF network through new partnership relations with local and international partners (international organizations, EU, embassies);

1.3 Building a partnerships with Ministry of external affairs and other relevant ministries and institutions;

1.4 Strengthening a communication and cooperation with media and reacting (informing) timely  about  the activities inside ALF network B&H and ALF foundation;

1.5  Networking and strengthening a cooperation with other ALF networks through common projects and activities;

1.6 Creation a bodies for development and international cooperation;

1.7 Mapping, analysing and more transparent work of members of ALF network B&H;

1.8 Strenghtening a cooperation with other networks that have similar goals and strategic commitment in B&H and region

1.9 Valorization  a successful examples of members of ALF network B&H internationally;

1.10 Involving a new organizations in ALF network B&H

The worskshop ended at 14:00, june 11th. 2017.