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Background to Capacity Building event 17th June 2017

The formal meeting of the ALF irish network will take place at GMIT (Galway Mayo Institute of Technology) in the Centre for Creative Arts and Media. GMIT are a new but very active member of the ALF Ireland network. Members will stay overnight in the small and beautiful town of Kinvara. The capacity building event on June 17th will involve a study visit to look at some small towns in rural Ireland, specifically in County Clare and County Galway and and a discussion with local communities regarding the issues facing rural communities in Ireland such as the closing down of post offices, the lack of medical services, and most recently the paucity of bus services. The old post office in Kilnaboy, Co Clare, was once a place where locals chatted and kept in touch. And so it became again in Deirdre O’Mahony’s artistic re-creation title X-PO (in other words, a post office that no longer exists). See image and blurb below. *Even the most avant-garde in Ireland still had their perceptions of art extended when Deirdre O’Mahony reopened the old post office in Kilnaboy, Co Clare, and, in true Duchampian fashion, called it an artwork. To be more accurate, she reopened the house that had been occupied by the last postmaster and his parents before him, and the post office that they ran out of their tiny living space. O’Mahony didn’t run it as a post office, but she and the local community ran all the other things that the old post office had represented: a place where people met, chatted, exchanged local news and kept themselves in touch with whatever was going on in the area. http://www.irishtimes.com/culture/modern-ireland-in-100-artworks-2007-x-... For further information please contact annluttrell@triskelartscentre.ie