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The Anna Lindh Foundation (FAL), institution works with the European Commission and the forty-two countries of the Union for the Mediterranean, has organized this multicultural artistic event in the city of Taroudant, in the south of Morocco near the Atlas Mountains.

The ALF wants to bring the populations of the two shores of the Mediterranean to improve mutual respect between cultures and support civil society and its efforts to forge a common future in the region. Among current topics and essential work from the ALF: education and youth, culture and artistic creation, peace and coexistence, religion, spirituality and values, cities and migration and the media and public opinions.

The Moroco ALF Network called the common action "The Art and Expression Instrument of Social Transformations" and they shared the sharing the opening with the Spanish ALF network, coordinated by the European Institute of the Mediterranean. It is not surprising therefore that the common action engaged a critical Spanish and Moroccan mass, also with Tunisia, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and Sweden participants.

ALF Moroccan  network

The Moroccan network comprises more than 225 institutions and organizations including universities, research centers, art workshops, cultural organizations and human rights ... which are found in more than 40 cities in the country.
Its headquarters are located in the University library in Casablanca Mohamed Sekkat and the organization who coordinates the Moroccan network, since October 2011, is  “Le Centre International de Coopération Nord Sud”. This Moroccan association, non-profit, develops social and private projects, international cooperation, consulting, training and adult education. Mohamed Fahmi is the coordinator for the Moroccan Network and host this action in Taroudant.
The Moroccan Network is one of the most active ALF networks and has conducted many joint actions with other networks, among them the Spanish who has made up to 3 common stock in Tangier, Seville and now, in Taroudant.

The Spanish ALF Network

The Spanish network worked with the Moroccan ALF network to drive this action, and they added the others networks. The Spanish coordination is in charge of IEMed since 2004 and since November 2008 the Spanish network known for having an Executive Committee consisting of 5 members. The IEMed, founded in 1989, is a multidisciplinary think tank with different projects, specializing in Mediterranean relations in the fields of analysis, understanding and cooperation in which the government of the Generalitat of Catalonia participate, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and the city of Barcelona.

For this common action traveled to Taroudant 16 people belonging to 14 associations ALF Spanish Network. The Spanish institutions who join the common action were: CERAI (Valencia), CERRCA (Tarragona) ; Creart (Barcelona); Bicicomic (Barcelona); Ojo Cojo (Madrid); Fundación Al Fanar para el conocimiento del Árabe (Madrid) ; Fundación Tres culturas (Sevilla) ; Fundacióin Interarts (Barcelona) ; Irenia Jocs de Pau (Barcelona); Jiwar . Creació i Societat (Barcelona); Fundación Libertas Internacional (Alicante); Rai Pangea (Barcelona); Jarit (Valencia); Xarxa de Dones periodistes i comunicación (Barcelona).

All participants done a positive assessment of the meeting. Many points are emphasized in this common action, among the organization and the results, was the rich program generated both by the large number of 65-about scheduled activities-activities and the variety of activities. All kinds of activities were planned: festive, fun, best practice presentations, lectures, creative workshops, educational workshops etc.

It is noted that the general and specific objectives of the meeting were met in full getting that common action is not a mere fun and festive cultural festival but spaces and synergies needed for networking among participants and to project create projects future. To this we must add rich content adaptation and good disposition of the participating institutions were receptive at all times when taking any programming changes.

Is also underscores that this common, unusual, action was a challenge and a pilot as it was the first time in the ALF common action among 7 countries was organized. Each of the involved countries (Morocco, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Tunisia and Sweden, the latter as an observer) introduced many activities to add a total of 65 activities performed. All heads of network gathered concurred meeting success considering its complexity and all agreed on the need to repeat this experience next year in another country to consolidate the common interedes action. It is proposed to allow time for reflection and evaluation of this joint action and agrees to continue to organize contact next.